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Abbs, Peter (1997) Music and the New Arts Paradigm. 22 pp.


Bontea, Adriana (1997) L'esprit par excellence. Papers on French Seventeenth Century Literature, 101. 249 - 260. ISSN 0343-0758


Crozier, Andrew (1997) Paper bunting. Sagetrieb, 14 (3-4). 45 - 74. ISSN 0735-4665

Cummings, Brian (1997) Justifying God in Tyndale's English. Reformation (2). pp. 143-172. ISSN 1357-4175

Cummings, Brian (1997) Swearing in public: More and Shakespeare. English Literary Renaissance, 27 (2). 197 - 232. ISSN 0013-8312


Davies, Alistair (1997) Seamus Heaney: from revivalism to postmodernism. In: Day, Gary and Docherty, Brian (eds.) British Poetry from the 1950s to the 1990s: politics and art. Palgrave Macmillan, 103 - 117. ISBN 9780333532812

Dove, Mary (1997) Glossa ordinaria: Pars 22, in canticum canticorum. Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis (170). Brepols, Turnhout, 455 pp. ISBN 9782503047027


Freeman, Sandra (1997) Putting your daughters on the stage: lesbian theatre from the 1970s to the 1990s. Sexual Politics . Cassell, 199 pp. ISBN 9780304333103


Healy, Margaret (1997) Bronzino's London 'Allegory' and the art of syphilis. Oxford Art Journal, 20 (1). pp. 3-11. ISSN 0142-6540


Jolly, Margaretta (1997) Dear Laughing Motorbyke: Letters from Women Welders of the Second World War. Scarlet Press. ISBN 1857270142

Jolly, Margaretta (1997) "Life has done almost as well as art": Deconstructing The Maimie Papers. In: Anderson, Linda and Broughton, Trev Lynn (eds.) Women's Lives, Women's Times. SUNY Press, New York, pp. 9-22. ISBN 9780791433973

Jolly, Margaretta (1997) Love Letters vs. Letters Carved in Stone: Gender, Memory and the Forces Sweethearts Exhibition. In: Evans, Martin and Lunn, Kenneth (eds.) War and Memory in the Twentieth Century. Berg. ISBN 9781859731994

Jolly, Margaretta (1997) The Welders' Reunion: Diary of an Oral Historian. Auto/Biography. pp. 105-112. ISSN 08989575


Kilfeather, Siobhan (1997) Sex and sensation in the nineteenth-century novel. In: Kelleher, M and Murphy, J H (eds.) Gender perspectives in nineteenth-century Ireland: public and private spheres. Irish Academic Press, pp. 83-92. ISBN 9780716526247

Kohlenbach, Margarete (1997) Heinles Verklärung: Walter Benjamins esoterischer Subjektivismus in 'Zwei Gedichte von Friedrich Hölderlin'. In: Bennholdt-Thomsen, Anke, von der Lühe, Irmela, Runge, Anita, Nörtemann, Regina, Rapisarda, Cettina and Schwarz, Herta (eds.) Wechsel der Orte: Studien zum Wandel des literarischen Geschichtsbewußtseins. Wallstein Verlag, pp. 138-157. ISBN 9783892442547

Kohlenbach, Margarete (1997) 'Kein Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf': Zur Baumetaphorik in Thomas Bernhards 'Korrektur' und Franz Kafkas 'Der Bau'. In: Schmidt-Dengler, Wendelin, Stevens, Adrian and Wagner, Fred (eds.) Thomas Bernhard: Beitraege zur Fiktion der Postmoderne. Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main & New York, 155 - 176. ISBN 9780854571857


Lebeau, Vicky (1997) The worst of all possible worlds? In: Silverstone, Roger (ed.) Visions of Suburbia. Routledge, London, 280 -297. ISBN 9780415107167


Marcus, Laura (1997) Virginia Woolf. Writers & Their Work Literary Conversations Series . Northcote House, xii + 196 pp. ISBN 9780746307267

Medcalf, Stephen (1997) The world and heart of Thomas Usk. In: Minnis, A J, Morse, Charlotte C and Turville-Petre, Thorlac (eds.) Essays on Ricardian literature in honour of J A Burrow. Clarendon Press, 222 - 251. ISBN 9780198182825

Murphy, M Lynne (1997) The elusive bisexual: social categorization and lexico-semantic change. In: Livia, Anna and Hall, Kira (eds.) Queerly phrased: language gender and sexuality. Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 35 - 57. ISBN 9780195104707

Murphy, Richard (1997) Facts fictions and metahistory: a discussion with Hayden White. Revue d'etudes anglophones, 1 (2). 13 - 30.

Murphy, Richard (1997) Metahistory and metafiction: historiography and the fictive in the work of Hayden White. Revue d'etudes anglophones, 1 (2). p. 3. ISSN 1638-1718


Newell, Steph (1997) Petrified masculinities: contemporary Nigerian popular literatures by men. Journal Of Popular Culture, 30 (4). pp. 161-182. ISSN 0022-3840

Newell, Stephanie (1997) Making up their own minds: readers, interpretations and the difference of view in Ghanaian popular narratives. Africa, 67 (3). pp. 389-405. ISSN 0001-9720

Newell, Stephanie (1997) Re-'placing' the postcolonial nation: narration, nationalism and satire in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's The Autumn of the Patriarch. Links & Letters, 4. pp. 39-51.

Nicholls, Peter (1997) Of being ethical: reflections on George Oppen. Journal of American Studies, 31 (2). pp. 153-170. ISSN 0021-8758

Nicholls, Peter (1997) A dying fall? Nineteenth-century decadence and its legacies. In: Hill, Tracey (ed.) Decadence and danger: writing, history and the fin de siècle. Sulis Press, Bath, pp. 13-26. ISBN 9780952685616


Oldfield, Sybil (1997) Eleanor Rathbone and India: cultural Imperialist or friend to women. Asian Journal of Women's Studies, 3. 157 - 168. ISSN 1225-9276


Quinn, Vincent (1997) Literary criticism. In: Medhurst, Andy and Munt, Sally (eds.) Lesbian and gay studies: a critical introduction. Lesbian and Gay Studies . Cassell, 39 - 52. ISBN 9780304338818

Quinn, Vincent and Peace, Mary (1997) Luxurious Sexualities. Textual Practice, 11 (3). 405 - 417. ISSN 0950236X


Steuer, Daniel (1997) Following telepathy along riverbeds and maelstroms: Freud Wittgenstein and Benjamin on language and communication. In: Debatin, Bernhard, Jackson, Timothy R and Steuer, Daniel (eds.) Metaphor and Rational Discourse. Niemeyer, 77 - 89. ISBN 9783484107458

Surprenant, Celine (1997) "La chose de tout le monde": 'Langue' and 'masse parlante' in Saussure's 'Cours de linguistique générale'. In: Simms, Karl (ed.) Language and the Subject. Critical Studies . Rodopi, pp. 27-43. ISBN 9789042000155

Surprenant, Celine (1997) [Review] Jacques Derrida (1996) Résistances de la psychanalyse. PLI: Warwick Journal of Philosophy, 6. 123 - 132.


Vance, Norman (1997) The Victorians & Ancient Rome. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, xii + 319 pp. ISBN 9780631180760


Walter, George (1997) Eighty poems or so, by Ivor Gurney. Carcanet Press, 148 pp. ISBN 9781857543445

Watts, Cedric (1997) Introduction. In: The best short stories. Wordsworth, vii-xxv. ISBN 9781853261794

Watts, Cedric (1997) Introduction. In: Joseph Conrad, 'Lord Jim'. Mondadori, Milano. ISBN 9788804519010

Watts, Cedric (1997) Introduction. In: Guy de Maupassant, 'The Best Short Stories'. Wordsworth Editions, Ware, vii-xix. ISBN 9781853261893

Watts, Cedric (1997) 'Nostromo' and 'Wild Scenes' again. Review of English Studies, XLVIII (190). pp. 211-217. ISSN 0034-6551

Watts, Cedric (1997) Radio discussion:- Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo and Juliet'. [Audio]

Watts, Cedric (1997) [Review] W. J. West (1997) The Quest for Graham Greene. Literary Review. pp. 19-20. ISSN 0024-4589

Watts, Cedric (1997) A preface to Greene. Longman, p. ix + 230.. ISBN 9780582250208

Wood, Marcus (1997) "All right!": the narrative of Henry Box Brown as a test case for the racial prescription of rhetorics and semiotics. Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, 107 (1). 65 - 104. ISSN 0044-751X

Woods, Nicola (1997) The formation and development of New Zealand English: interaction of gender-related variation and linguistic change. Journal Of Sociolinguistics, 1 (1). 95 - 125. ISSN 1360-6441

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