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Augier, Patricia, Gasiorek, Michael and Lai-Tong, Charles (2005) The impact of rules of origin on trade flows. Economic Policy, 20 (43). pp. 567-624. ISSN 0266-4658


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Dickens, Richard and Draca, Mirko (2005) The Employment Effects of the October 2003 Increase in the National Minimum Wage. Discussion Paper. Unset.

Dickens, Richard and Draca, Mirko (2005) The Impact of the October 2003 up-rating of the National Minimum Wage on Employment. Discussion Paper. Unset.


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Hertel, Thomas W and Winters, L Alan (2005) Poverty Impacts of a Doha Development Agenda. World Economy, 28 (8). pp. 1057-1071. ISSN 0378-5920

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