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Bond, Eric W, Syropoulos, Constantinos and Winters, L. Alan (2001) Deepening of Regional Integration and Multilateral Trade Agreements. Journal of International Economics, 53 (2). pp. 335-361. ISSN 0022-1996


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Winters, L. Alan (2001) Assessing the Efficiency Gain from Further Liberalization: A Comment. In: Porter, R, Sauve, P, Subramanian, A and Beviglia Zampetti, A (eds.) Efficiency, Equity and Legitimacy: The Multilateral Trading System and the Millennium. Brookings Institution Press, pp. 106-113. ISBN 9780815771623

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Winters, L. Alan (2001) Le souci de reduire la pauvrete devrait-il mettre un frein a la liberalisation des echanges? Revue d'Economie du Developpment (1-2). pp. 245-259. ISSN 1245-4060

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