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Abramsky, Samson, Honda, Kohei and McCusker, Guy (1998) A fully abstract game semantics for general references. In: Unset, Thirteenth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science..


Berthouze, Luc and Kuniyoshi, Y. (1998) Emergence and categorization of coordinated visual behavior through embodied interaction. Machine Learning, 31 (1-3). pp. 187-200. ISSN 0885-6125

Boden, Maggie (1998) Consciousness and Human Identity: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. In: Cornwall, J (ed.) Consciousness and Human Identity. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198503231

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Carroll, John, Minnen, Guido and Briscoe, Ted (1998) Can subcategorisation probabilities help a statistical parser? 6th Workshop on Very Large Corpora, Montreal, Canada, 1998, Montreal, Canada, 15th - 16th August 1998. Published in: Charniak, Eugene, (ed.) Proceeding of the Sixth Workshop on Very Large Corpora. 118-126. Association for Computational Lingustics (ACL)

Carroll, John, Nicolov, Nicolas, Shaumyan, Olga, Smets, Martine and Weir, David (1998) Grammar compaction and computation sharing in automaton-based parsing. In: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Tabulation in Parsing and Deduction. Institut National de Recherche en Informatique, Paris, pp. 16-25.

Carroll, John, Nicolov, Nicolas, Shaumyan, Olga, Smets, Martine and Weir, David (1998) The LEXSYS project. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks. University of Pennsylvania, Delaware, USA, pp. 29-33.

Clark, Andrew (1998) Time and Mind. Journal of Philosophy, 95 (7). 354 - 376. ISSN 0022362X

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Ewins, Jon P, Waller, Marcus D, White, Martin and Lister, Paul F (1998) MIP-map Level Selection for Texture Mapping. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 4 (4). pp. 317-329. ISSN 10772626


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Howell, A Jonathan and Buxton, Hilary (1998) Learning Identity with Radial Basis Function Networks. Neurocomputing, 20. pp. 15-28.

Husbands, Phil, Smith, Tom, Jakobi, Nick and O'Shea, Michael (1998) Better Living Through Chemistry: Evolving GasNets for Robot Control. Connection Science, 10 (3-4). pp. 185-210. ISSN 09540091


Keller, B and Lutz, R (1998) Learning SCFGs from Corpora by a Genetic Algorithm. In: Smith, George D, Steele, N C and Albrecht, R F (eds.) Artificial neural nets and genetic algorithms: proceedings of the international conference in Norwich, U.K., 1997. Springer-Verlag Wien, pp. 210-214. ISBN 3211830871


Lister, Paul, Ford, Nicky, Bassett, Mike and Stamoulis, Iakovos (1998) Embedded Logic Technology and its Application Technologies for the Information Society: Developments and Opportunities. Technologies for the information society : development and opportunities . IOS Press, Amsterdam, pp. 795-802. ISBN 90-5199-450-8

Luckin, Rosemary (1998) Knowledge construction in the zone of collaboration: scaffolding the learner to productive interactivity. In: Proceedings of the International Conference of the Learning Sciences, 16-19 December 1998, Charlottesville VA..

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Mania, Katerina and Chalmers, Alan (1998) A Classification for User Embodiment in Collaborative Virtual Environments. In: Unset, Proceedings of VSMM'98 - Fourth International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia IOS Press.

McCarthy, Diana Frances and Korhonen, Anna (1998) Detecting verbal participation in diathesis alternations. In: COLING-ACL '98L: Proceedings of the 36th annual meeting on Association for Computational Linguistics. Annual Meeting of the ACL, 2 . Association for Computational Linguistics, Morristown, NJ, USA, pp. 1493-1495. ISBN 9781558605817

McCusker, Guy (1998) Games and Full Abstraction for a Functional Metalanguage with Recursive Types. Springer-Verlag, London, p. 208. ISBN 9783540762553

McIlhagga, Malcolm, Light, Ann and Wakeman, Ian (1998) Towards a design methodology for adaptive applications. In: Osborne, William P. and Moghe, Dhawal (eds.) MobiCom '98: Proceedings of the 4th annual ACM/IEEE international conference on Mobile computing and networking, Dallas, Texas, United States. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, pp. 133-144. ISBN 158113035X

McIlhagga, Malcolm, Light, Ann and Wakeman, Ian (1998) Towards a design methodology for adaptive applications. In: Fourth ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom'98)..


Nowotny, Thomas and Requardt, Manfred (1998) Dimension theory of graphs and networks. Journal of Physics A, 31. pp. 2447-2463.


Read, Michael and Marlin, Chris (1998) Specifying and generating program editors with novel visual editing mechanisms. In: Proc. Tenth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, San Francisco, California.


Sassone, Vladimiro (1998) An axiomatization of the category of Petri net computations. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 8 (2). pp. 117-151. ISSN 09601295

Seth, Anil (1998) Evolving action selection and selective attention without action, attention, or selection. In: Proceedings of the 5th Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, Cambridge, MA.

Seth, Anil (1998) Noise and the pursuit of complexity: A study in evolutionary robotics. In: 1st European Conference on Evolutionary Robotics, Paris.

Seth, Anil (1998) The evolution of complexity and the value of variability. In: Adami, Christoph, Belew, Richard K, Kitano, Hiroaki and Taylor, Charles E (eds.) Artificial Life VI: Proceedings of the 6th international conference on artificial life. MIT Press, London. ISBN 9780262510998

Sordo Sanchez, M, Buxton, H, Watson, D, Collins, D, Ronen, S, Leach, M and Payne, G (1998) KBANN's for Classification of Normal 31 P MRS Based on Hormone-Dependent Changes During the Menstrual Cycle. In: Fourth International Conference on Neural Networks and their Applications, Marseilles France.

Spier, E and Thomas, A (1998) Reply to Hameroff from Emmet Spier and Adrian Thomas. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2 (4). p. 127.

Spier, Emmet and McFarland, David (1998) Learning to do without Cognition. In: Unset, From Animals to Amimats 5. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behaviour. MIT Press..

Spier, Emmet and McFarland, David (1998) Possibly Optimal Decision Making Under Self-Sufficiency and Autonomy. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 189 (3). pp. 317-331. ISSN 0022-5193

Streicher, Th and Reus, B (1998) Classical logic, continuation semantics and abstract machines. Journal of Functional Programming, 8 (6). pp. 543-572. ISSN 0956-7968


Tate, A R, Griffiths, J R, Martínez-Pérez, I, Moreno, À, Barba, I, Cabañas, M E, Watson, D, Alonso, J, Bartumeus, F, Isamat, F, Ferrer, I, Vila, F, Ferrer, E, Capdevila, A and Arús, C (1998) Towards a method for automated classification of 1 H MRS spectra from brain tumours. NMR in Biomedicine, 11 (4-5). pp. 177-191. ISSN 0952-3480

Thompson, Adrian (1998) Hardware Evolution: Automatic design of electronic circuits in reconfigurable hardware by artificial evolution. Spring Verlag Distinguished dissertation series., p. 136. ISBN 3540762531

Toribio-Mateas, Josefa (1998) Meaning and Other Non-Biological Categories. Philosophical Papers, 27 (2). 129 - 150. ISSN 05568641


Watten, P L, Lister, P F, Bassett, M C and Ewins, J P (1998) 3D Graphics Acceleration Development Advances in Information Society: The Business Challenge. IOS Press, pp. 490-497. ISBN 90-5199-385-4

Williams, Peter M (1998) Modelling Seasonality and Trends in Daily Rainfall Data. In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems.

Wood, Sharon (1998) A Probabilistic Network Approach to Prioritising Sensing and Reasoning: a step towards satisficing modelling. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Satisficing Models AAAI Spring Symposium Series, 23-25 March 1998, Stanford University.

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