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Boden, Maggie (1996) The Philosophy of Artificial Life. Oxford Readings in Philosophy . Oxford University Press, Oxford, xiv + 405 pp. ISBN 9780198751557


Carroll, John and Briscoe, Ted (1996) Apportioning development effort in a probabilistic LR parsing system through evaluation. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Philadelphia, Pa. USA, 17-18 May 1996. Published in: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. 92-100. ACL Anthology

Chrisley, Ron (1996) Non-conceptual psychological explanation: content and computation. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Oxford.


Evans, Roger and Gazdar, Gerald (1996) DATR: A language for lexical knowledge representation. Computational Linguistics, 22(2). pp. 167-216. ISSN 0891-2017


Harvey, Inman and Stone, James V (1996) Unicycling helps your French: Spontaneous recovery of associations by learning unrelated tasks. Neural Computation, 8 (4). pp. 697-704. ISSN 0899-7667

Husbands, Phil (1996) A Comparison of Optimisation Techniques for Integrated Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling. In: Proc PPSN IV.


Keller, Bill (1996) An evaluations semantics for DATR theories. In: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computational Linguistics COLING-96, Stroudsburg, PA, USA.


Lutz, Rudi (1996) Flowgraph Parsing. In: Bunt, H and Tomita, M (eds.) Recent Advances in Parsing Technology. Kluwer Academic Press, London, pp. 359-383. ISBN 9780792341529


Marlin, Chris (1996) Multiple views based on unparsing canonical representations - the MultiView architecture. In: Proc. International Workshop on Multiple Perspectives in Software Development (Viewpoints '96), 1996, San Francisco, California.

Meseguer, José, Montanari, Ugo and Sassone, Vladimiro (1996) Process versus Unfolding Semantics for Place/Transition Petri Nets. Theoretical Computer Science, 153(1-. pp. 171-219. ISSN 0304-3975


Newbury, P F, Kenny, P G, Wenham, M J G, Prutton, M and Barkshire, I R (1996) Multispectral Image Compression using the Karhunen-Loeve (Hotelling) Transform. In: International Symposium on Digital Signal Processing, London. UK, 23-25 July 1996.


Sampson, Geoffrey (1996) The CHRISTINE Corpus stage 1 published 1999 release 2 published 2000. Project Report. Unset.

Sassone, Vladimiro (1996) An Axiomatization of the Algebra of Petri Net Concatenable Processes. Theoretical Computer Science, 170 (1-2). pp. 277-296. ISSN 03043975

Sassone, Vladimiro, Nielsen, Mogens and Winskel, Glynn (1996) Models for concurrency: Towards a Classification. Theoretical Computer Science, 170 (1-2). pp. 297-348.


Tate, A Rosemary, Watson, Des, Eglen, Stephen, Arvanitis, Theodores N, Thomas, E Louise and Bell, Jimmy D (1996) Automated feature extraction for the classification of human in vivo13C NMR spectra using statistical pattern recognition and wavelets. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 35 (6). pp. 834-840. ISSN 0740-3194

Thomas, A L and Lim, A W T (1996) Object Reconstruction for CAD Systems Using Constant Illumination Contours. In: Unset, Fourth International Conference on Control Automation Robotics and Vision (ICARCV'96) Singapore.


Whitby, Blay (1996) Reflections on Artificial Intelligence: the legal, moral and ethical dimensions. Intellect, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9781871516685

Whitby, Blay (1996) The Turing Test: AI's biggest blind alley? In: Millican, P. and Clark, A. (eds.) Machines and Thought: The Legacy of Alan Turing. Mind Association Occasional Series, 1 . Oxford University Press, USA, USA, pp. 53-62. ISBN 9780198235934

Williams, Peter (1996) Using Neural Networks to Model Conditional Multivariate Densities. Neural Computation, 8 (4). pp. 843-854. ISSN 08997667

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