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Adesina, Jimi O, Fischer, Andrew M and Hoffmann, Nimi (2021) Reflections on aid and regime change in Ethiopia: a response to Cheeseman. CODESRIA Bulletin Online (1). pp. 1-5. ISSN 0850-0712

Agbaire, Jennifer Jomafuvwe (2021) Accessing higher eductaion in Nigeria: everyday experiences of 'fair' admissions policy as an arena of struggle. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Amponsah-Efah, Iris (2021) Pedagogy of English and mathematics teachers in middle to high fee-paying private schools in Ashanti Region in Ghana. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.


Baah, Janet (2021) Government and private schools in the inner city of Accra: exploring choice, experiences, and aspirations. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Berry, Clio, Niven, Jeremy E, Chapman, Laura A, Valeix, Sophie, Roberts, Paul E and Hazell, Cassie Marie (2021) A mixed mixed-methods investigation of mental health stigma, absenteeism and presenteeism among UK postgraduate researchers. Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education. ISSN 2398-4686

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Capella, Claudia and Boddy, Janet (2021) Listening to the “Opinista”? Relational understandings of voice and silence in a multiperspective narrative study of child psychotherapy. Children & Society. ISSN 0951-0605

Collins, Tina and Gazeley, Louise (2021) Teachers and lower attaining boys: moving beyond the binary? Educational Review. ISSN 0013-1911

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Crossouard, Barbara, Adu-Yeboah, Christine, Ananga, Eric, Dunne, Mairead and Adzahlie-Mensah, Vincent (2021) Young Muslim women in Ghana feel stereotyped and judged: why it matters. The Conversation. ISSN 2201-5639

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Delprato, Marcos (2021) Global mapping of missing data for SDG4. Other. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex UK.

Delprato, Marcos (2021) Global mapping of missing data for SDG4 codebook for datasets. Technical Report. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, UK.

Delprato, Marcos (2021) Indigenous learning gaps and home language instruction: new evidence from PISA-D. International Journal of Educational Research, 109. a101800 1-16. ISSN 0883-0355

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Frampton, Rebecca (2021) How can the ‘emotional lives’ of women teachers be understood within a particular academy school in England? Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.


Gibb, Helen (2021) Teachers' and students' perceptions of oral error correction in the EFL classroom. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.


Hanaya, Akiko (2021) Teacher education quality assurance policy making in India: the construction of the teacher education accreditation policy. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Hinton-Smith, Tamsin, Marvell, Rosa, Morris, Charlotte and Brayson, Kimberley (2021) ‘It's not something that we think about with regard to curriculum.’ Exploring gender and equality awareness in higher education curriculum and pedagogy. Gender and Education. ISSN 0954-0253

Hinton-Smith, Tamsin and Padilla-Carmona, Maria Teresa (2021) Roma university students in Spain and Central and Eastern Europe: negotiating participation and identity in contrasting international contexts. European Journal of Education, 56 (3). pp. 454-467. ISSN 0141-8211


Kane, Patrick (2021) Weaving the fragments of hope: social movement learning and popular education in Southwest Colombia. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Kenyon, Emma J, Kirkwood, Nerissa K, Kitcher, Sian R, Goodyear, Richard J, Derudas, Marco, Cantillon, Daire, Baxendale, Sarah, de la Vega de León, Antonio, Mahieu, Virginia N, Osgood, Richard T, Wilson, Charlotte Donald, Bull, James C, Waddell, Simon J, Whitfield, Tanya T, Ward, Simon E, Kros, Corne J and Richardson, Guy P (2021) Identification of a series of hair-cell MET channel blockers that protect against aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity. JCI Insight, 6 (7). a145704 1-22. ISSN 2379-3708

Kirby, Perpetua and Webb, Rebecca (2021) Conceptualising uncertainty and the role of the teacher for a politics of climate change within and beyond the institution of the school. Educational Review. ISSN 0013-1911


MacLeod, Shona, Day, Laurie, Llewellyn, Jo, Burnley, Natasha, Cutmore, Matthew, Bickley, Helen and Gazeley, Louise (2021) Evaluation of the Alternative Provision Innovation Fund (APIF): learning from set-up and early implementation. Other. Department for Education.

Marvell, Rosa (2021) Social inequalities and the journey to postgraduate taught study: narratives and navigations of first-generation students in England. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

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McDonald, Zahraa, Sayed, Yusuf, de Kock, Tarryn and Hoffmann, Nimi (2021) Acquiring pedagogic authority while learning to teach. Africa Development, XLVI (1). pp. 23-44. ISSN 0850-3907

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Murray, Helen (2021) Universities, conflict and the public sphere: trajectories of the public university in Lebanon. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Mwangulube, Wezi (2021) Understanding the development and enactment of Life Skills HIV-Based Education (LS[B]E) in Malawi. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


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Phillimore, Jenny, Morrice, Linda, Kabe, Kunihiko, Hashimoto, Naoko, Hassan, Sara and Reyes, Marisol (2021) Economic self-reliance or social relations? What works in refugee integration? Learning from resettlement programmes in Japan and the UK. Comparative Migration Studies, 9. a17 1-19. ISSN 2214-594X


Roberts, Paul (2021) The UK doctorate: policy, power and professionals in the neoliberal university. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Rose, Pauline, Sabates, Ricardo, Delprato, Marcos and Alcott, Benjamin (2021) Targeted and multidimensional approaches to overcome inequalities in secondary education for adolescent girls: the impact of the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED)’s programme in Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Comparative Education Review. ISSN 0010-4086 (Accepted)


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Sumberg, J, Szyp, C, Yeboah, T, Oosterom, M, Crossouard, B and Chamberlin, J (2021) Young people and the rural economy: synthesis and implications. In: Sumberg, J (ed.) Youth and the rural economy in Africa: hard work and hazard. CABI, UK, pp. 173-180. ISBN 9781789245011

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Thomson, Rachel, Bragg, Sara, O'Riordan, Kate, Asaleh, Khalid, Gahnstrom, Rosie and McGeeney, Ester (2021) Digital intimacies and LGBT+ youth: celebration, equity and safety. Project Report. University of Sussex, Brighton.


Webb, Rebecca and Kirby, Perpetua (2021) Covid-19 & schooling for uncertainty. BERA Bites (7). pp. 24-25.

Webb, Rebecca and Kirby, Perpetua (2021) Engaging children’s climate change experiences for action. ASPE Bulletin (24).


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