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Akyeampong, Albert (2017) Learning to teach in Ghana: lessons for institution-based teacher education for the African context. In: International Handbook on Teacher Quality and Policy. Routledge, pp. 478-491. ISBN 9781138890787

Akyeampong, Albert (2017) Reconceptualising teacher education for equitable learning outcomes: Towards a comprehensive approach. In: Hudson, Brian (ed.) Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781316640791

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Alhawsawi, Hajeej (2017) Teacher educators’ approaches to teaching Islamic education at a university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Attia, Mariam (2017) Coaching in higher education: light and shadow. In: Centre for Higher Education and Equity (CHEER) symposium Policy Shadows and Perplexing Subjectivities, 6 - 8 December 2017, Celtic Manor, Newport, UK.

Attia, Mariam (2017) Supporting emerging researchers through non-judgmental communication. In: BERA, 5-7 September 2017, University of Sussex, UK.

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Crossouard, Barbara, Dunne, Mairead, Durrani, Naureen and Fincham, Kathleen (2017) Senegal: Muslim youth identities in a secular nation. In: Unset (ed.) Troubling Muslim Youth Identities: Nation, Religion, Gender. Palgrave MacMillan, London, pp. 127-173. ISBN 9780230348370


Delprato, Marcos and Akyeampong, Albert (2017) The effect of early marriage timing on women's and children's health in Sub-Saharan Africa and South West Asia. Annals of Global Health, 83 (3-4). pp. 557-567. ISSN 2214-9996

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Emerson, Ann (2017) Educating Pakistan’s daughters: the intersection of schooling, unequal citizenship and violence. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


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Hudson, Brian (2017) [Blog] Taking the time to think mathematically. Underground Mathematics.

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Kingston, Denise (2017) Quality improvement: effective relational and intentional pedagogy. Introducing the sustained shared thinking and emotional wellbeing (SSTEW) scale. In: Closed conference/ training workshop, 26-28 Jan; 30-31 March; 1 April 2017, North Yorkshire LA: Harrogate.

Kingston, Denise (2017) Quality improvement: effective relational and intentional pedagogy. introducing the sustained shared thinking and emotional wellbeing (SSTEW) scale and ensuring inter-rater reliability. In: Closed conference for researchers considering using the SSTEW Scale, 9 - 11 January, 2017, Germany: University of Berlin.

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Neilsen-Hewett, C, Siraj, I, Kingston, D, Howard, S, Melhuish, T, Duursma, E, de Rosnay, M and Luu, B (2017) Fostering effective early learning educators’ perspectives of the leadership for learning: professional development program designed to enhance early childhood pedagogy and practice. In: Symposium presentation University of Wollongong, 28 September 2017, NSW, Australia.

Novelli, Mario (2017) Education & countering violent extremism: western logics from South to North. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 47 (6). pp. 835-851. ISSN 0305-7925

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Ruslin, (2017) The learning experience of automotive students at a vocational school in Indonesia: perspectives of school stakeholders. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


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Tchoumbou Ngantchop, Michel Auguste (2017) “…Nothing’s lost. Or else, all is translation. And every bit of us is lost in it…” Informal collaborative learning amongst university students in Cameroon : a case study. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

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