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Aggleton, Peter (2006) New Priorities for HIV Prevention in the Context of Treatment Access. In: 8th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology, June 4–8, 2006, Prague, Czech Republic.

Akyeampong, Albert (2006) Extending basic education to out-of-school children in Northern Ghana: what can multi-grade schooling teach us? In: Little, Angela W (ed.) Education for all and multigrade teaching: challenges and opportunities. Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 215-239. ISBN 9781402045905

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Holmes, Keith and Barrett, A (2006) EdQual Research Programme Consortium Communications Strategy. Unset. Unset.

Hunt, Frances (2006) Developing citizens in South African schools - an investigation into teacher / student relationships and the implications for student rights and active citizenship. In: BAICE Conference 2004: Education in the 21st Century: Conflict, Reconciliation and Reconstruction, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Hunt, Frances (2006) Race, rights and education in South Africa. In: The 8th UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development: 'Learning and Livelihood', 13 - 15 September 2005, University of Oxford, UK.


Jacklin, Angela (2006) Becoming and being a disabled student in higher education. In: Society for Research into Higher Education Conference, 12-14 December 2006, Brighton, UK.

Jacklin, Angela and Robinson, Carol (2006) Improving the experience of disabled students in higher education. In: Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, 3-5 July 2006, East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham.

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Srivastava, Prachi (2006) Disadvantaged groups and the private sector: challenges to and implications for Indian education policy. Unset. Unset.

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Williams, James (2006) [Review] Brent Davies (2006) Leading the strategically focused school: success and sustainability. Higher Education Academy.

Williams, James (2006) So Just How does Science Really Work? PGCE Trainee Perceptions of The Scientific Method. In: ATSE Annual Conference, 30 Aug- 1 Sept, 2006, Newport, South Wales.

Williams, James (2006) Will the New GCSE Really Teach Children How Science Works? Education in Science (216). ISSN 0013-1377

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