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Akyeampong, Albert (2003) Teacher training in Ghana - does it count? Multi-site teacher education project (MUSTER): country report one. Educational Papers Series . Department for International Development, London. ISBN 9781861925466

Alama, A, Crossouard, B and Pryor, J (2003) What are the essential features of support for online learning? In: 2nd Virtual Conference on Virtual Learning, September 2003, Oxford, UK.


Buckingham, David and Bragg, Sara (2003) Young people, Media and Personal Relationships. Project Report. ASA,BBFC,BBC,BSC,ITC.


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Crossouard, Barbara, Pryor, John and Torrance, Harry (2003) Investigating the Development of Internet-based Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education. In: European Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Hamburg, Germany.


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Fielding, Michael and Bragg, Sara (2003) Student as Researchers: Making a Difference. [Teaching Resource]

Fielding, Michael and Bragg, Sara (2003) Students as researchers: making a difference. Pearson's Publishing.


Griffiths, Vivienne (2003) Access or exploitation? A case study of an employment-based route into teaching. In: Teachers as Leaders: teacher education for a Global profession, July 20-25, 2003, Melbourne, Australia.

Griffiths, Vivienne (2003) Case studies of trainee teachers on a primary Graduate Teacher Programme. In: BERA Annual Conference, 3-6 September 2008, Edinburgh.

Griffiths, Vivienne (2003) The Early Career Experiences of Newly Qualified Primary Teachers in the UK. In: ICET/ATEA Conference: Teachers as Leaders: Teacher Education for a Global Profession, July 20-25, 2003, Melbourne, Australia.

Griffiths, Vivienne and Robinson, Carol (2003) Evaluation of Early Professional Development pilot programme. Project Report. Interim report of a research project commissioned by an LEA.


Hampden-Thompson, Gillian (2003) Asian Americans: contributions to the growth and development of the United States. In: Farmer, Edgar I, Rojewski, Jay W and Farmer, Barbara W (eds.) Diversity in American: visions of the future: real Issues of real people. Kendall/Hunt Pubs. ISBN 9780787299644

Hey, Valerie (2003) Dancing round handbags: young women's friendships as sites of solidarity and struggle. Ex aequo - Journal of the Portuguese Women's Studies Association, 7. pp. 49-69. ISSN 0874-5560

Hey, Valerie (2003) Joining the Club? Academia and Working-class Femininities. Gender and Education, 15 (3). pp. 319-336. ISSN 0954-0253

Holmes, Keith (2003) Qualifications Frameworks: Issues, Problems and Possibilities for Small States. In: Donn, Gary and Davies, Tony (eds.) Promises and problems for Commonwealth qualifications frameworks: a report. Commonwealth Secretariat, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, London.

Holmes, Keith (2003) The Reform and Governance of Public Technical and Vocational Education Institutions. Ministry of Education Lao PDR & Lao PDR National Commission for UNESCO.


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Kunje, Demis, Lewin, Keith and Stuart, Janet (2003) Primary Teacher Education in Malawi: Insights into Practice and Policy. DFID Research Series 49d, 49d . Unset.


Leach, Fiona (2003) Learning to be Violent: the role of the School in Developing adolescent gendered behaviour. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 33 (3). pp. 385-400. ISSN 0305-7925

Leach, Fiona (2003) Partnerships in Education for All: The Role of Higher Education in Basic Education. Commonwealth Secretariat.

Leach, Fiona (2003) Practising Gender Analysis in Education. Oxfam Skills and Practice . Oxfam GB. ISBN 978-0855984939

Leach, Fiona, Fiscian, Vivian, Kadzamira, Esme, Lemani, Eve and Machakanja, Pamela (2003) An Investigative Study of the Abuse of Girls in African Schools. Education Research Report (54). Department for International Development.

Leach, Fiona and Machakanja, Pamela (2003) Sexual Violence in schools: Breaking the Silence. Sexual Health Exchange (4). ISSN 1388-3046

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Lewin, Keith (2003) Options for Post Primary Education and Training in Uganda: Increasing Access, Equity and Efficiency. Project Report. Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda and DFID, London.

Lewin, Keith (2003) Some Teacher Training Issues in Tanzania Projecting Supply and Demand. Discussion Paper. Ministry for Education Dar-es- Salaam and World Bank.

Lewin, Keith (2003) The Tanzania Financial Projection Model. Project Report. Secondary Education Development Project.Planning software for Ministry of Education Tanzania and World Bank, Washington.

Lewin, Keith (2003) The Uganda Financial Projection Model for Secondary Education Development; Mapping the Issues.

Lewin, Keith and Crouch, Luis (2003) Turbulence or orderly change? Teacher supply and demand in South Africa: current status, future needs and the impact of HIV/AIDS. In: Lewin, Keith, Samuel, M and Sayed, Yusuf (eds.) Changing Patterns of Teacher Education in South Africa: Policy, Practice and Prospects. Heinemann. ISBN 9780796204417

Lewin, Keith and Osaki, K (2003) Strategies for Increased Output of Secondary Teachers. Secondary Education Development Programme Position Paper.

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Pong, Suet-Ling, Dronkers, Jaap and Hampden-Thompson, Gillian (2003) Family policies and children's school achievement in single- versus two-parent families. Journal Of Marriage And Family, 65 (3). p. 681. ISSN 0022-2445

Pryor, John (2003) Bourdieu's concept of field: toward a dynamic analysis of schooling. In: American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting:- Accountability for Educational Quality: Shared Responsibility, IL, Chicago.

Pryor, John (2003) Community Participation in Rural Schooling: The cart before the horse, a case study from Ghana. In: 3rd UKFIET Conference on Education and Development:- The State of Education: Quantity, Quality and Outcomes, 9-11 September, 2003, Oxford.

Pryor, John (2003) Lessons in Democracy? Student Councils in Ghana. In: Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association:- “Accountability for Educational Quality: Shared Responsibility, April 21-25, 2003, Chicago.

Pryor, John and Ampiah, Joseph Ghartey (2003) Understandings of education in an African village: the impact of information and communication technologies (ethnographic study). Educational papers . Department for International Development. ISBN 1-86192-570-0


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Westbrook, Jo (2003) The National Literacy Strategy. In: Davison, Jon and Dowson, Jane (eds.) Learning to teach English in the secondary school: a companion to school experience, Second Edition. Routledge, London, pp. 86-94. ISBN 9780415306768

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