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Becher, Roy (1999) Quality in the professions. Studies in Higher Education, 24 (2). pp. 225-235. ISSN 0307-5079

Becher, Roy (1999) Universities and Mid-Career Professionals: The Policy Potential. Higher Education Quarterly, 53 (2). pp. 156-172. ISSN 0951-5224

Becher, Tony (1999) Professional Practices: commitment and capability in a changing environment. Transaction Publishers New Brunswick & London, New Jesrsey, 281pp. ISBN 9781560004141

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Bliss, Joan, Säljö, Roger and Light, Paul (1999) Learning Sites: social & technological resources for learning. Elsevier Press Oxford., 312pp. ISBN 0-08-043350-2


Coate, Kelly (1999) Feminist knowledge and the ivory tower: a case study. Gender and Education, 11 (2). pp. 141-159. ISSN 0954-0253


Delprato, Marcos (1999) Determinantes del rendimiento educativo del nivel primario aplicando la Técnica de Análisis Multinivel. Other. Documento de trabajo 27, IERAL.

Dunne, Mairead (1999) Positioned neutrality: mathematics teachers and the cultural politics of their classrooms. Educational Review, 51 (2). 117 - 128. ISSN 0013-1911

Dunne, Mairead (1999) The construction of ability: a critical exploration of mathematics teachers' accounts. Collected Original Resources in Education, 23 (1). ISSN 0308-6909


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Fielding, Michael (1999) Communities of learners: myth - schools are communities. In: O'Hagan, Bob (ed.) Modern Educational Myths: The Future of Democratic Comprehensive Education. Kogan Page, London, pp. 67-87. ISBN 9780749429324

Fielding, Michael (1999) Radical collegiality: Affirming teaching as an inclusive professional practice. Australian Educational Researcher, 26 (2). pp. 1-34. ISSN 0311-6999

Fielding, Michael (1999) Target Setting, Policy Pathology and Student Perspectives: learning to labour in new times. Cambridge Journal of Education, 29 (2). 277 - 287. ISSN 0305-764X


Griffiths, Vivienne and Jacklin, Angela (1999) OFSTED the Teacher Training Agency and initial teacher education: a case study. In: Unset An Inspector Calls. Ofsted and its effect on school standards. Kogan Page London. C. Cullingford (ed), 188 - 206. ISBN 0-7494-3053-2

Griffiths, Vivienne and Jacklin, Angela (1999) The training of primary teachers: changing contexts and teacher perspectives. In: Unset, University of Sussex.


Kirby, Perpetua (1999) Involving young researchers: how to enable young people to design and conduct research. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York. ISBN 9781902633459

Kunje, Demis and Stuart, Janet (1999) Supporting untrained teachers in Malawi. International Journal of Educational Development, 19. pp. 157-166. ISSN 0738-0593


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Leach, Fiona (1999) Dilemmas between economics and culture in educational aid: lessons for donors. In: Leach, Fiona E and Little, Angela W (eds.) Education, Cultures, and Economics: Dilemmas for Development. Reference Books in International Education (48). Routledge, London & NY, pp. 371-394. ISBN 9780815327837

Lewin, Keith (1999) The cost of culture: some dilemmas for educational investment in Mauritius. In: Leach, Fiona E and Little, Angela W (eds.) Education, Cultures, and Economics: Dilemmas for Development. Routledge, New York and London, pp. 159-182. ISBN 978-0815327837


McLaughlin, Colleen (1999) Children as teachers - listening to children in education. In: Milner, Pat and Carolin, Birgit (eds.) Time to listen to children : personal and professional communication. Routledge, London; New York, pp. 97-112. ISBN 9780203190838 (electronic bk.)

McLaughlin, Colleen (1999) Counselling in schools: looking back and looking forward. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 27 (1). pp. 13-22. ISSN 0306-9885


Ogborn, Jon (1999) Modeling clay for thinking and learning. In: Feurzeig, Wallace and Roberts, Nancy (eds.) Modeling and Simulation in Science and Mathematics Education. Springer, New York, pp. 5-37. ISBN 0-387-98316-3


Passey, D, Forsyth, K, Scott, A and Steadman, Stephen (1999) Anytime Anywhere Learning Pilot Programme. Evaluation summary report. Project Report. Microsoft / Lancaster University Lancaster.

Pateman, Trevor (1999) Psychoanalysis and Socratic Education. In: Appel, Stephen (ed.) Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy. Critical Studies in Education & Culture . Praeger Publishers, pp. 45-51. ISBN 978-0897895026

Pridmore, Pat and Stephens, David (1999) Children as Partners in Health: a critical review of the Child-to-Child approach. Zed Press London, 250pp. ISBN 185649635x

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