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Almeida-Meza, Pamela, Richards, Marcus and Cadar, Dorina (2022) Moderating role of cognitive reserve markers between childhood cognition and cognitive aging: evidence from the 1946 British birth cohort. Neurology, 99 (12). E1239-E1250. ISSN 0028-3878

Alruwais, Nourah M, Rusted, Jenifer M, Tabet, Naji and Dowell, Nicholas G (2022) Evidence of emerging BBB changes in mid-age apolipoprotein E epsilon-4 carriers. Brain and Behavior. e2806 1-11. ISSN 2162-3279


Balouch, Sara, Dijk, Dylan A D, Rusted, Jennifer, Skene, Simon S, Tabet, Naji and Dijk, Derk-Jan (2022) Night-to-night variation in sleep associates with day-to-day variation in vigilance, cognition, memory, and behavioral problems in Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's & Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment & Disease Monitoring, 14 (1). e12303. ISSN 2352-8729

Bas-Hoogendam, Janna Marie, Groenewold, Nynke A, Aghajani, Moji, Freitag, Gabrielle F, Harrewijn, Anita, Hilbert, Kevin, Jahanshad, Neda, Thomopoulos, Sophia I, Thompson, Paul M, Veltman, Dick J, Winkler, Anderson M, Lueken, Ulrike, Pine, Daniel S, Critchley, Hugo, Meeten, Fran, Mancini, Matteo and The ENIGMA-Anxiety Working Group, (2022) ENIGMA-anxiety working group: rationale for and organization of large-scale neuroimaging studies of anxiety disorders. Human Brain Mapping, 43 (1). pp. 83-112. ISSN 1065-9471

Beck, Katherine, Arumuham, Atheeshaan, Brugger, Stefan, McCutcheon, Robert A, Veronese, Mattia, Santangelo, Barbara, McGinnity, Colm J, Dunn, Joel, Kaar, Stephen, Singh, Nisha, Pillinger, Toby, Borgan, Faith, Sementa, Teresa, Neji, Radhouene, Jauhar, Sameer, Aigbirhio, Franklin, Boros, Istvan, Turkheimer, Federico, Hammers, Alexander, Lythgoe, David, Stone, James and Howes, Oliver D (2022) The association between N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor availability and glutamate levels: A multi-modal PET-MR brain imaging study in first-episode psychosis and healthy controls. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 36 (9). pp. 1051-1060. ISSN 0269-8811

Boukarras, Sarah, Garfinkel, Sarah N and Critchley, Hugo D (2022) Cardiac deceleration following positive and negative feedback is influenced by competence-based social status. Social Neuroscience, 17 (2). pp. 170-180. ISSN 1747-0919


Cadar, Dorina, Brocklebank, Laura, Hayat, Shabina, Yan, Li, Zhao, Yaohui and Steptoe, Andrew (2022) OP100 The impact of smoking on cognitive decline associated with ageing: a cross-country comparison between England and China. Society for Social Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts, University of Exeter, UK, 7-9 September 2022. Published in: SSM Annual Scientific Meeting. 76 a48-a49. BMJ Publishing Group Ltd

Chrysikou, E, Savvopoulou, E, Rehn, J, Minetou, L, Hernandez Garcia, E, Lad, H, Capolongo, S, Cadar, D and Orlu, M (2022) Let's not forget those who forget! Participatory design in the context of dementia built environment : Evangelia Chrysikou. 15th European Public Health Conference Strengthening health systems: improving population health and being prepared for the unexpected, Berlin, Germany, 9–12 November 2022. Published in: European journal of public health. 32 (S3) ckac129.567. Oxford University Press (OUP) ISSN 1101-1262

Csecs, Jenny LL, Iodice, Valeria, Rae, Charlotte L, Brooke, Alice, Simmons, Rebecca, Quadt, Lisa, Savage, Georgia K, Dowell, Nicholas G, Prowse, Fenella, Themelis, Kristy, Mathias, Christopher J, Critchley, Hugo D and Eccles, Jessica A (2022) Joint hypermobility links neurodivergence to dysautonomia and pain. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 12. a786916 1-13. ISSN 1664-0640


Daley, Stephanie, Farina, Nicolas, Hughes, Laura, Armsby, Elise, Akarsu, Nazire, Pooley, Joanna, Towson, Georgia, Feeney, Yvonne, Tabet, Naji, Fine, Bethany and Banerjee, Sube (2022) Covid-19 and the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers—The TFD-C19 study. PLoS ONE, 17 (1). e0262475. ISSN 1932-6203

Dhuga, Yasmin, Feeney, Yvonne, Gallaher, Laura, White, Ann, Wright, Juliet, Banerjee, Sube and Daley, stephanie (2022) Developing undergraduate autism education for medical students: a qualitative study. BMJ Paediatrics Open, 6. e001411. ISSN 2399-9772

Dixon, Josie, Hicks, Ben, Gridley, Kate, Perach, Rotem, Baxter, Kate, Birks, Yvonne, Colclough, Carmen, Storey, Bryony, Russell, Alice, Karim, Anomita, Tipping, Eva and Banerjee, Sube (2022) ‘Pushing back’: people newly diagnosed with dementia and their experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in England. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 37 (10). pp. 1-13. ISSN 0885-6230

Duffner, LA, Deckers, K, Cadar, D, Steptoe, A, de Vugt, M and Köhler, S (2022) The role of cognitive and social leisure activities in dementia risk: assessing longitudinal associations of modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, 31. e5 1-10. ISSN 2045-7960

Duffner, Lukas, Deckers, Kay, Cadar, Dorina, Steptoe, Andrew, de Vugt, Marjolein and Köhler, Sebastian (2022) Social health factors and dementia risk – assessing potential pathways in a population-based cohort study. Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2022, San Diego, USA, August 3rd. Published in: Alzheimer's & Dementia. 18 (S11) Wiley ISSN 1552-5260


Eccles, Jessica A, Quadt, Lisa, McCarthy, Hannah E, Davies, Kevin A, Bond, Rod, David, Anthony S, Harrison, Neil and Critchley, Hugo D (2022) Variant connective tissue (joint hypermobility) and its relevance to depression and anxiety in adolescents: a cohort-based case-control study. BMJ Open, 12. pp. 1-9. ISSN 2044-6055

Elmasri, Marwa, Lotti, James S, Aziz, Wajeeha, Steele, Oliver G, Karachaliou, Eirini, Sakimura, Kenji, Hansen, Kasper B and Penn, Andrew C (2022) Synaptic dysfunction by mutations in GRIN2B: influence of triheteromeric NMDA receptors on gain-of-function and loss-of-function mutant classification. Brain Sciences, 12 (6). 789 1-24. ISSN 2076-3425

Erez, Yaara, Kadohisa, Mikiko, Petrov, Philippe, Sigala, Natasha, Buckley, Mark J, Kusunoki, Makoto and Duncan, John (2022) Integrated neural dynamics for behavioral decisions and attentional competition in the prefrontal cortex. European Journal of Neuroscience. ISSN 0953-816X


Farina, Nicolas, Griffiths, Alys W, Hughes, Laura J and Parveen, Sahdia (2022) Measuring adolescent attitudes towards dementia: the revalidation and refinement of the A-ADS. Journal of Health Psychology, 27 (2). pp. 374-385. ISSN 1359-1053

Farina, Nicolas, Jacobs, Roxanne, Puspitarini Sani, Tara, Schneider, Marguerite, Theresia, Imelda, Turana, Yuda, Irfani Fitri, Fasihah, Albanese, Emiliano, Lorenz-Dant, Klara, Docrat, Sumaiyah, Du Toit, Petra, Ferri, Cleusa P, Govia, Ishtar, Comas-Herrera, Adelina, Ibnidris, Aliaa, Knapp, Martin and Banerjee, Sube (2022) Description of the cross-cultural process adopted in the STRiDE (STrengthening Responses to dementia In Developing countries) programme: a methodological overview. Alzheimer's and Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring, 14 (1). e12293 1-8. ISSN 2352-8729

Fitri, Fasihah Ifrani, Gultom, Ika Mariana, Mahendrayana, Eka, Mahendrayana, Eka, Irawan, Engki, Rambe, Aldy S, Sani, Tara Puspitarini, Turana, Yuda, Theresia, Imelda, Farina, Nicolas and Banerjee, Sube (2022) Adaptation of the STRiDE dementia survey into the Indonesian context in North Sumatra. Neurology Asia, 27 (3). pp. 737-743. ISSN 1823-6138

Francis, Emma Ruby, Cadar, Dorina, Steptoe, Andrew and Ajnakina, Olesya (2022) Interplay between polygenic propensity for ageing-related traits and the consumption of fruits and vegetables on future dementia diagnosis. BMC Psychiatry, 22 (1). a75 1-10. ISSN 1471-244X


Greenhouse-Tucknott, A, Butterworth, J B, Wrightson, J G, Smeeton, N J, Critchley, H D, Dekerle, J and Harrison, N A (2022) Toward the unity of pathological and exertional fatigue: a predictive processing model. Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, 22. pp. 215-228. ISSN 1530-7026


Henderson, Catherine, Knapp, Martin, Stirling, Susan, Shepstone, Lee, High, Juliet, Ballard, Clive, Bentham, Peter, Burns, Alistair, Farina, Nicolas, Fox, Chris, Fountain, Juliet, Francis, Paul, Howard, Robert, Leroi, Iracima, Livingston, Gill, Nilforooshan, Ramin, Nurock, Shirley, O'Brien, John T, Price, Annabel, Swart, Ann M, Tabet, Naji, Telling, Tanya, Thomas, Alan J and Banerjee, Sube (2022) Cost-effectiveness of mirtazapine for agitated behaviors in dementia: findings from a randomized controlled trial. International Psychogeriatrics, 34 (10). pp. 905-917. ISSN 1041-6102

Hicks, Ben, Karim, Anomita, Jones, Erin, Burgin, Malcolm, Cutler, Clare, Tang, Wen, Thomas, Sarah and Nyman, Samuel R (2022) Care home practitioners’ perceptions of the barriers and facilitators for using off-the-shelf digital gaming technology with people with dementia. Dementia, 21 (5). pp. 1532-1555. ISSN 1471-3012

Hicks, Ben, Read, Sanna, Hu, Bo, Wittenberg, Raphael, Grahamslaw, Amanda, Karim, Anomita, Martin, Evelyn, Nuzum, Eleanor, Reichental, Jacob, Russell, Alice, Siddle, Elaine, Harris, Peter R, Miles, Eleanor, Perach, Rotem, Rusted, Jennifer and others, (2022) A cohort study of the impact of COVID-19 on the quality of life of people newly diagnosed with dementia and their family carers. Alzheimer's and Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions, 8 (1). a12236 1-14. ISSN 2352-8737

Hurzuk, Saadiya, Farina, Nicolas, Pattabiraman, Meera, Ramasamy, Narendhar, Alladi, Suvarna, Rajagopalan, Jayeeta, Comas-Herrera, Adelina, Thomas, Priya T and Evans-Lacko, Sara (2022) Understanding, experiences and attitudes of dementia in India: a qualitative study. Dementia, 21 (7). pp. 2288-2306. ISSN 1471-3012


Inglese, Francesca, Jaarsma-Coes, Myriam G, Steup-Beekman, Gerda M, Monahan, Rory, Huizinga, Tom, van Buchem, Mark A, Ronen, Itamar and de Bresser, Jeroen (2022) Neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus is associated with a distinct type and shape of cerebral white matter hyperintensities. Rheumatology, 61 (6). pp. 2663-2671. ISSN 1462-0324

Inglese, Francesca, Kim, Minseon, Steup-Beekman, Gerda M, Huizinga, Tom W J, van Buchem, Mark A, de Bresser, Jeroen, Kim, Dae-Shik and Ronen, Itamar (2022) MRI-Based classification of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus patients with self-supervised contrastive learning. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 16. p. 695888. ISSN 1662-4548


Jacobs, Roxanne, Schneider, Marguerite, Farina, Nicolas, du Toit, Petra and Evans-Lacko, Sara (2022) Stigma and its implications for dementia in South Africa: a multi-stakeholder exploratory study. Ageing & Society. pp. 1-31. ISSN 0144-686X

Jelen, Luke A, Green, Mark S, King, Sinead, Morris, Alex G, Zhang, Xinyuan, Lythgoe, David J, Young, Allan H, De Belleroche, Jaqueline and Stone, James M (2022) Variants in the zinc transporter-3 encoding gene (SLC30A3) in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: effects on brain glutamate–A pilot study. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 13. a929306 1-11. ISSN 1664-0640

Jelen, Luke A, Stone, James M, Young, Allan H and Mehta, Mitul A (2022) The opioid system in depression. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 140. a104800 1-17. ISSN 0149-7634


Kalafatis, Chris, Modarres, Mohammad Hadi, Apostolou, Panos, Tabet, Naji and Khaligh-Razavi, Seyed-Mahdi (2022) The use of a computerized cognitive assessment to improve the efficiency of primary care referrals to memory services: protocol for the accelerating dementia pathway technologies (ADePT) study. JMIR Research Protocols, 11 (1). e34475. ISSN 1929-0748

Kaushal, Aradhna, Stafford, Mai, Cadar, Dorina and Richards, Marcus (2022) Bi-directional associations between religious attendance and mental health: findings from a British birth cohort study. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 76 (2). pp. 190-195. ISSN 0143-005X

Khairan, Paramita, Shirai, Kokoro, Shobugawa, Yugo, Cadar, Dorina, Saito, Tami, Kondo, Katsunori, Sobue, Tomotaka and Iso, Hiroyasu (2022) Pneumonia and subsequent risk of dementia: evidence from the Japan Gerontological evaluation study. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 37 (11). pp. 1-11. ISSN 0885-6230

Kiemes, Amanda, Gomes, Felipe V, Cash, Diana, Uliana, Daniela L, Simmons, Camilla, Singh, Nisha, Vernon, Anthony C, Turkheimer, Federico, Davies, Cathy, Stone, James M, Grace, Anthony A and Modinos, Gemma (2022) GABA<inf>A</inf> and NMDA receptor density alterations and their behavioral correlates in the gestational methylazoxymethanol acetate model for schizophrenia. Neuropsychopharmacology, 47 (3). pp. 687-695. ISSN 0893-133X

King, Derek, Farina, Nicolas, Burgon, Clare, Feeney, Yvonne, Berwald, Sharne, Bustard, Elizabeth, Gallaher, Laura, Habibi, Ruth, Wittenberg, Raphael, Comas-Herrera, Adelina, Knapp, Martin and Banerjee, Sube (2022) Factors associated with change over time in quality of life of people with dementia: longitudinal analyses from the MODEM cohort study. BMC Geriatrics, 22. 469 1-13. ISSN 1471-2318

Koreki, Akihiro, Eccles, Jessica, Garfinkel, Sarah, Critchley, Hugo, Cope, Sarah, Agrawal, Niruj, Edwards, Mark and Yogarajah, Mahinda (2022) Hypermobility in patients with functional seizures: toward a pathobiological understanding of complex conditions. Epilepsy and Behavior, 132. a108710. ISSN 1525-5050


Levic, Snezana (2022) SK current, expressed during the development and regeneration of chick hair cells, contributes to the patterning of spontaneous action potentials. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 15. a766264 1-14. ISSN 1662-5102


Maresh, Kate, Papageorgiou, Andriani, Ridout, Deborah, Harrison, Neil, Mandy, William, Skuse, David and Muntoni, Francesco (2022) Development of a novel startle response task in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. PLoS One, 17 (4). e0264091 1-22. ISSN 1932-6203

McMunn, Anne, Zaninotto, Paola, Campbell, Charlotte and Cadar, Dorina (2022) OP24 Predicting functional ability, hospital admissions, and mortality using a novel measure of intrinsic capacity in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Society for Social Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts, University of Exeter, UK, 7-9 September 2022. Published in: SSM Annual Scientific Meeting. 76 A12-A13. BMJ Publishing Group Ltd


Nikolova, Viktoriya L, Pelton, Lucy, Moulton, Calum D, Zorzato, Daniele, Cleare, Anthony J, Young, Allan H and Stone, James (2022) The prevalence and incidence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in depression and bipolar disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Psychosomatic Medicine, 84 (3). pp. 313-324. ISSN 0033-3174

Nwaubani, P, Cercignani, M and Colasanti, A (2022) In vivo quantitative imaging of hippocampal inflammation in autoimmune neuroinflammatory conditions: a systematic review. Clinical and Experimental Immunology. ISSN 0009-9104


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Perach, Rotem, Read, Sanna, Hicks, Ben, Harris, Peter R, Rusted, Jennifer, Brayne, Carol, Dangoor, Margaret, Miles, Eleanor, Dixon, Josie, Robinson, Louise, Thomas, Alan, Banerjee, Sube and DETERMIND Team, (2022) Predictors of loneliness during the Covid-19 pandemic in people with dementia and their carers in England: findings from the DETERMIND-C19 study. Aging Ment Health. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1360-7863

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Rivas, Carol, Anand, Kusha, Wu, Alison Fang-Wei, Goff, Louise, Dobson, Ruth, Eccles, Jessica, Ball, Elizabeth, Kumar, Sarabajaya, Camaradou, Jenny, Redclift, Victoria, Nasim, Bilal and Aksoy, Ozan (2022) Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to improve the health and social care and wellbeing of minoritised ethnic groups with chronic conditions or impairments: protocol for the mixed methods intersectional asset-based study CICADA. JMIR Research Protocols, 11 (7). e38361. ISSN 1929-0748


Seibel, Sofie-Helene (2022) Transformation of visual signals at the synaptic terminals of retinal bipolar cells. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Shafizadeh, Mohsen, Farina, Nicolas and Parvinpour, Shahab (2022) Effects of motor learning interventions on walking performance and physical function in older adults with cognitive impairment and dementia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity. pp. 1-12. ISSN 1063-8652

Sigala, Natasha, Kaldy, Zsuzsa and Reynolds, Greg D (2022) Editorial: the cognitive neuroscience of visual working memory, Volume II. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 16. a1017754 1-2. ISSN 1662-5137

Sparasci, Oli, Bhui, Kamaldeep, Biswas, Asit, Chamberlain, Samuel, Dubicka, Bernadka, Dudas, Robert, Farooq, Saeed, Ford, Tamsin, Husain, Nusrat, Jones, Ian, Killaspy, Helen, Lee, William, Lingford-Hughes, Anne, Mulholland, Ciaran, Stone, James and others, (2022) Impact of COVID-19 on mental health research: is this the breaking point? British Journal of Psychiatry, 220 (5). pp. 1-3. ISSN 0007-1250

Strawson, Will H, Wang, Hao-Ting, Quadt, Lisa, Sherman, Maxine, Larsson, Dennis E O, Davies, Geoff, Mckeown, Brontë LA, Silva, Marta, Fielding-Smith, Sarah, Jones, Anna-Marie, Hayward, Mark, Smallwood, Jonathan, Critchley, Hugo D and Garfinkel, Sarah N (2022) Voice hearing in borderline personality disorder across perceptual, subjective, and neural dimensions. The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 25. pp. 375-386. ISSN 1461-1457


Wang, Yu, Shirai, Kokoro, Ohira, Tetsuya, Hirosaki, Mayumi, Kondo, Naoki, Takeuchi, Kenji, Yamaguchi, Chikae, Tamada, Yudia, Kondo, Katsunori, Cadar, Dorina and Iso, Hiroyasu (2022) Occasions for laughter and dementia risk: findings from a six-year cohort study. Geriatrics and Gerontology International, 22 (5). pp. 392-398. ISSN 1444-1586

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Witchel, Harry and Lee, Michael W (2022) Introduction: intentional innovation in educational technology and media to promote students' holistic development. In: Witchel, Harry and Lee, Michael W (eds.) Technologies in Biomedical and Life Sciences Education. Methods in Physiology . Springer, pp. 3-34. ISBN 9783030956332

Witchel, Harry J, Jones, Christopher I, Thompson, Georgina A, Westling, Carina E I, Romero, Juan, Nicotra, Alessia, Maag, Bruno and Critchley, Hugo D (2022) Spelling errors in brief computer-mediated texts implicitly lead to linearly additive penalties in trustworthiness. Frontiers in Psychology, 13. a873844 1-8. ISSN 1664-1078


Kaldy, Zsuzsa, Reynolds, Greg D and Sigala, Natasha, eds. (2022) The cognitive neuroscience of visual working memory - volume II. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 16. ISSN 1662-5137

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