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Ashizawa, Tetsuo, Gagnon, Cynthia, Bozzali, Marco and White, Molly (2018) Consensus-based care recommendations for adults with myotonic dystrophy type 1. Neurology: Clinical Practice, 8 (5). pp. 1-14. ISSN 2163-0933


Barritt, Andrew W, Gabel, Matt C, Cercignani, Mara and Leigh, P Nigel (2018) Emerging magnetic resonance imaging techniques and analysis methods in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Frontiers in Neurology, 9. 1065 1-8. ISSN 1664-2295

Battiston, Marco, Grussu, Francesco, Ianus, Andrada, Schneider, Torben, Prados, Ferran, Fairney, James, Ourselin, Sebastien, Alexander, Daniel C, Cercignani, Mara, Wheeler-Kingshott, Claudia A M Gandini and Samson, Rebecca S (2018) An optimized framework for quantitative magnetization transfer imaging of the cervical spinal cord in vivo. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 79 (5). pp. 2576-2588. ISSN 1522-2594

Bell, Imogen H, Fielding-Smith, Sarah F, Hayward, Mark, Rossell, Susan L, Lim, Michelle H, Farhall, John and Thomas, Neil (2018) [Study Protocol] Smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment and intervention in a coping-focused intervention for hearing voices (SAVVy): study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial. Trials, 19 (262). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1745-6215

Betka, Sophie, Gould Van Praag, Cassandra, Paloyelis, Yannis, Bond, Rod, Pfeifer, Gaby, Sequeira, Henrique, Duka, Theodora and Critchley, Hugo (2018) Impact of intranasal oxytocin on interoceptive accuracy in alcohol users: An attentional mechanism? Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 13 (4). pp. 440-448. ISSN 1749-5016

Borsini, Alessandra, Cattaneo, Annamaria, Malpighi, Chiara, Thuret, Sandrine, Harrison, Neil A, MRC, ImmunoPsychiatry Consortium, Zunszain, Patricia A and Pariante, Carmine M (2018) Interferon-alpha reduces human hippocampal neurogenesis and increases apoptosis via activation of distinct STAT1-dependent mechanisms. The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 21 (2). pp. 187-200. ISSN 1461-1457

Botan, Vanessa, Bowling, Natalie C, Banissy, Michael J, Critchley, Hugo and Ward, Jamie (2018) Individual differences in vicarious pain perception linked to heightened socially elicited emotional states. Frontiers in Psychology, 9. p. 2355. ISSN 1664-1078


Cashin, Zoe, Daley, Stephanie, Hebditch, Molly, Hughes, Leila and Banerjee, Sube (2018) Involving people with dementia and their carers in dementia education for undergraduate healthcare professionals: a qualitative study of motivation to participate and experience. International Psychogeriatrics. pp. 1-8. ISSN 1041-6102

Chan, Edgar, MacPherson, Sarah E, Bozzali, Marco, Shallice, Tim and Cipolotti, Lisa (2018) The influence of fluid intelligence, executive functions and premorbid intelligence on memory in frontal patients. Frontiers in Psychology, 9 (926). p. 926. ISSN 1664-1078

Chen, Jason A, Chen, Zhongbo, Won, Hyejung, Huang, Alden Y, Lowe, Jennifer K, Wojita, Kevin, Yokoyama, Jennifer S, Bensimon, Gilbert, Leigh, P Nigel, Payan, Christine, Shatunov, Aleksey, Jones, Ashley R, Lewis, Cathryn M, Deloukas, Panagiotis, Amouyel, Philippe, Tzourio, Christophe, Dartigues, Jean-Francois, Ludolph, Albert, Boxer, Adam L, Bronstein, Jeff M, Al-Chalabi, Ammar, Geschwind, Daniel H and Coppola, Giovanni (2018) Joint genome-wide association study of progressive supranuclear palsy identifies novel susceptibility loci and genetic correlation to neurodegenerative diseases. Molecular Neurodegeneration, 13 (41). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1750-1326

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D'Amelio, Marcello, Serra, Laura and Bozzali, Marco (2018) Ventral tegmental area in prodromal Alzheimer's disease: bridging the gap between mice and humans. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 63 (1). pp. 181-183. ISSN 1875-8908

Davies, Geoff, Rae, Charlotte L, Garfinkel, Sarah N, Seth, Anil K, Medford, Nick, Critchley, Hugo D and Greenwood, Kathryn (2018) Impairment of perceptual metacognitive accuracy and reduced prefrontal grey matter volume in first-episode psychosis. Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, 23 (3). pp. 165-179. ISSN 1354-6805


Fang, Ton, Al Khleifat, Ahmed, Meurgey, Jacques-Henri, Jones, Ashley, Leigh, Nigel, Bensimon, Gilbert and Al-Chalabi, Ammar (2018) Stage at which riluzole treatment prolongs survival in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a retrospective analysis of data from a dose-ranging study. Lancet Neurology, 17 (5). pp. 416-422. ISSN 1474-4422

Farina, Nicolas, Hughes, Laura, Watts, Amber and Lowry, Ruth (2018) Use of physical activity questionnaires in people with dementia: a scoping review. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 27 (3). pp. 413-421. ISSN 1063-8652

Finotelli, Paolo, Dipasquale, Ottavia, Costantini, Isa, Pini, Alessia, Baglio, Francesca, Baselli, Giuseppe, Dulio, Paolo and Cercignani, Mara (2018) Exploring resting-state functional connectivity invariants across the lifespan in healthy people by means of a recently proposed graph theoretical model. PLoS ONE, 13 (11). e0206567 1-28. ISSN 1932-6203


Ghezzi, Pietro, Floridi, Luciano, Boraschi, Diana, Cuadrado, Antonio, Manda, Gina, Levic, Snezana, D'Acquisto, Fulvio, Hamilton, Alice, Athersuch, Toby J and Selley, Liza (2018) Oxidative stress and inflammation induced by environmental and psychological stressors: a biomarker perspective. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, 28 (9). pp. 852-872. ISSN 1523-0864

Giulietti, Giovanni, Torso, Mario, Serra, Laura, Spano, Barbara, Marra, Camillo, Caltagirone, Carlo, Cercignani, Mara and Bozzali, Marco (2018) Whole brain white matter histogram analysis of diffusion tensor imaging data detects microstructural damage in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease patients. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 48 (3). pp. 767-779. ISSN 1053-1807

Greening, Jane, Anantharaman, Kamakshi, Young, Rupert and Dilley, Andrew (2018) Evidence for increased magnetic resonance imaging signal intensity and morphological changes in the brachial plexus and median nerves of patients with chronic arm and neck pain following whiplash injury. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 48 (7). pp. 523-532. ISSN 0190-6011

Gyetvai, Georgina, Roe, Cieron, Heikal, Lamia, Ghezzi, Pietro and Mengozzi, Manuela (2018) Leukemia inhibitory factor inhibits erythropoietin-induced myelin gene expression in oligodendrocytes. Molecular Medicine, 24 (51). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1076-1551


Harrison, Neil A and Davies, Kevin (2018) DMARDs for mental health symptoms in RA. Nature Reviews Rheumatology, 14. pp. 507-508. ISSN 1759-4790

Herman, Aleksandra M, Critchley, Hugo and Duka, Theodora (2018) Decreased olfactory discrimination is associated with impulsivity in healthy volunteers. Scientific Reports, 8 (1). 15584 1-8. ISSN 2045-2322

Herman, Aleksandra M, Critchley, Hugo D and Duka, Theodora (2018) Binge drinking is associated with attenuated frontal and parietal activation during successful response inhibition in fearful context. European Journal of Neuroscience. ISSN 0953-816X

Herman, Aleksandra M, Critchley, Hugo D and Duka, Theodora (2018) Risk-taking and impulsivity; the role of mood states and interoception. Frontiers in Psychology, 9 (1625). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1664-1078


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Kingston, Andrew, Robinson, Louise, Booth, Heather, Knapp, Martin, Jagger, Carol, MODEM project, , Adelaja, Bayo, Avendano, Mauricio, Bamford, Sally-Marie, Banerjee, Sube, Berwald, Sharne, Bowling, Ann, Burgon, Clare, Bustard, Elizabeth, Comas-Herrera, Adelina, Dangoor, Margaret, Dixon, Josie, Farina, Nicolas, Greengross, Sally, Grundy, Emily, Hu, Bo, King, Derek, Lombard, Daniel, Lorenz, Klara, McDaid, David, Park, A-La, Pikhartova, Jitka, Rehill, Amritpal and Wittenberg, Raphael (2018) Projections of multi-morbidity in the older population in England to 2035: estimates from the Population Ageing and Care Simulation (PACSim) model. Age and Ageing, 47 (3). pp. 374-380. ISSN 0002-0729

Koch, Giacomo, Bonnì, Sonia, Pellicciari, Maria Concetta, Casula, Elias P, Mancini, Matteo, Esposito, Romina, Ponzo, Viviana, Picazio, Silvia, Di Lorenzo, Francesco, Serra, Laura, Motta, Caterina, Maiella, Michele, Marra, Camillo, Cercignani, Mara, Martorana, Alessandro, Caltagirone, Carlo and Bozzali, Marco (2018) Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the precuneus enhances memory and neural activity in prodromal Alzheimer's disease. NeuroImage, 169. pp. 302-311. ISSN 1095-9572


Liu, Zhiyuan, Zheng, Li, Li, Lin, Xu, Jialin, Cheng, Xuemei, Guo, Xiuyan, Mulcahy, James and Xu, Min (2018) Social comparison modulates the neural responses to regret and subsequent risk-taking behavior. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 13 (10). pp. 1059-1070. ISSN 1749-5016

Lupo, Michela, Olivito, Giusy, Iacobacci, Claudia, Clausi, Silvia, Romano, Silvia, Masciullo, Marcella, Molinari, Marco, Cercignani, Mara, Bozzali, Marco and Leggio, Maria (2018) The cerebellar topography of attention sub-components in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2. Cortex, 108. pp. 35-49. ISSN 0010-9452

Lupo, Michela, Olivito, Giusy, Siciliano, Libera, Masciullo, Marcella, Bozzali, Marco, Molinari, Marco and Leggio, Maria (2018) Development of a psychiatric disorder linked to cerebellar lesions. Cerebellum, 17 (465632). pp. 438-446. ISSN 1473-4230

Lupo, Michela, Olivito, Giusy, Siciliano, Libera, Masciullo, Marcella, Molinari, Marco, Cercignani, Mara, Bozzali, Marco and Leggio, Maria (2018) Evidence of cerebellar involvement in the onset of a manic state. Frontiers in Neurology, 9 (774). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1664-2295


Makovac, Elena, Mancini, Matteo, Fagioli, Sabrina, Watson, David R, Meeten, Frances, Rae, Charlotte L, Critchley, Hugo D and Ottaviani, Cristina (2018) Network abnormalities in generalized anxiety pervade beyond the amygdala-prefrontal cortex circuit: insights from graph theory. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 281. pp. 107-116. ISSN 0925-4927

Makovac, Elena, Serra, Laura, Di Domenico, Carlotta, Marra, Camillo, Caltagirone, Carlo, Cercignani, Mara and Bozzali, Marco (2018) Quantitative magnetization transfer of white matter tracts correlates with diffusion tensor imaging indices in predicting the conversion from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 63 (2). pp. 561-575.

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Mancini, Matteo, Giulietti, Giovanni, Dowell, Nicholas, Spanò, Barbara, Harrison, Neil, Bozzali, Marco and Cercignani, Mara (2018) Introducing axonal myelination in connectomics: a preliminary analysis of g-ratio distribution in healthy subjects. NeuroImage, 182. pp. 351-359. ISSN 1053-8119

Mascali, Daniele, DiNuzzo, Mauro, Serra, Laura, Mangia, Silvia, Maraviglia, Bruno, Bozzali, Marco and Giove, Federico (2018) Disruption of semantic metwork in mild Alzheimer's disease revealed by resting-state fMRI. Neuroscience, 371. pp. 38-48. ISSN 1873-7544

Mbundi, Lubinda, Meikle, Steve T, Busquets, Rosa, Dowell, Nicholas G, Cercignani, Mara and Santin, Matteo (2018) Gadolinium tagged osteoprotegerin-mimicking peptide: a novel magnetic resonance imaging biospecific contrast agent for the inhibition of osteoclastogenesis and osteoclast activity. Nanomaterials, 8 (6). ISSN 2079-4991

McCleery, Jenny, Abraham, Rajesh P, Denton, David A, Rutjes, Anne W S, Chong, Lee-Yee, Al-Assaf, Aalya S, Griffith, Daniel J, Rafeeq, Shireen, Yaman, Hakan, Malik, Muzaffar A, Di Nisio, Marcello, Martínez, Gabriel, Vernooij, Robin W M and Tabet, Naji (2018) Vitamin and mineral supplementation for preventing dementia or delaying cognitive decline in people with mild cognitive impairment (review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2018 (11). pp. 1-95. ISSN 1469-493X

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Nagai, Yoko, Aram, Julia, Koepp, Matthias, Lemieux, Louis, Mula, Marco, Critchley, Hugo, Sisodiya, Sanjay and Cercignani, Mara (2018) Epileptic seizures are reduced by autonomic biofeedback therapy through enhancement of fronto-limbic connectivity: a controlled trial and neuroimaging study. EBioMedicine, 27. pp. 112-122. ISSN 2352-3964


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Pera Rojas, Alejandra, Caserta, Stefano, Albanese, Fabio, Blowers, Pinar, Morrow, George, Terrazzini, Nadia, Smith, Helen E, Rajkumar, Chakravarthi, Reus, Bernhard, Msonda, James R, Verboom, Murielle, Hallenensleben, Michael, Blasczyk, Rainer, Davies, Kevin A and Kern, Florian (2018) CD28null pro-atherogenic CD4 T-cells explain the link between CMV infection and an increased risk of Cardiovascular death. Theranostics, 8 (16). pp. 4509-4519. ISSN 1838-7640

Pietroboni, Anna, Caprioli, Michela, Carandini, Tiziana, Scarioni, Marta, Ghezzi, Laura, Arighi, Andrea, Cioffi, Sara, Cinnante, Claudia, Fenoglio, Chiara, Oldoni, Emmanuela, Basilico, Paola, Fumagalli, Giorgio, Colombi, Annalisa, Giulietti, Giovanni, Serra, Laura, Triulzi, Fabio, Bozzali, Marco, Scarpini, Elio and Galimberti, Daniela (2018) CSF β-amyloid predicts prognosis in patients with multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis. ISSN 1352-4585

Pietroboni, Anna M, Scarioni, Marta, Carandini, Tiziana, Basilico, Paola, Cadioli, Marcello, Giulietti, Giovanni, Arighi, Andrea, Caprioli, Michela, Serra, Laura, Sina, Clara, Fenoglio, Chiara, Ghezzi, Laura, Fumagalli, Georgio G, De Riz, Milena A, Calvi, Alberto, Triulzi, Fabio, Bozzali, Marco, Scarpini, Elio and Galimberti, Daniela (2018) CSF β-amyloid and white matter damage: a new perspective on Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 89 (4). pp. 352-357. ISSN 0022-3050


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Rae, Charlotte L, Botan, Vanessa E, Gould van Praag, Cassandra D, Herman, Aleksandra M, Nyyssonen, Jasmina A K, Watson, David R, Duka, Theodora, Garfinkel, Sarah N and Critchley, Hugo D (2018) Response inhibition on the stop signal task improves during cardiac contraction. Scientific Reports, 8 (1). a9136 1-9. ISSN 2045-2322

Rae, Charlotte L, Larsson, Dennis E O, Eccles, Jessica A, Ward, Jamie and Critchley, Hugo D (2018) Subjective embodiment during the rubber hand illusion predicts severity of premonitory sensations and tics in Tourette Syndrome. Consciousness and Cognition, 65. pp. 368-377. ISSN 1053-8100

Regan, Tim, Gill, Andrew C, Clohisey, Sara M, Barnett, Mark W, Pariante, Carmine M, Harrison, Neil A, MRC Immunopsychiatry Consortium, , Hume, David A, Bullmore, Edward T and Freeman, Tom C (2018) Effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on the expression of tryptophan-metabolism genes by human macrophages. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 103 (4). pp. 681-692. ISSN 0741-5400


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