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Abraham, Rajesh P, Denton, David A, Al-Assaf, Aalya S, Rutjes, Anne W S, Chong, Lee Yee, Malik, Muzaffar A and Tabet, Naji (2015) Vitamin and mineral supplementation for prevention of dementia or delaying cognitive decline in people with mild cognitive impairment. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2015. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1469-493X

Al-Assaf, Aalya S, Denton, David A, Abraham, Rajesh P, Rutjes, Anne W S, Chong, Lee Yee, Anderson, John L, Malik, Muzaffar A and Tabet, Naji (2015) Vitamin and mineral supplementation for maintaining cognitive function in cognitively healthy people in late life. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2015. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1469-493X

Balendra, Rubika, Jones, Ashley, Jivraj, Naheed, Steen, I Nick, Young, Carolyn A, Shaw, Pamela J, Turner, Martin R, Leigh, Nigel, Al-Chalabi, Ammar, UK-MND LiCALS Study Group, and Mito Target ALS Study Group, (2015) Use of clinical staging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for phase 3 clinical trials. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 86 (1). pp. 45-49. ISSN 0022-3050

Balouch, Sara and Rusted, Jennifer M (2015) Can verbal instruction enhance the recall of an everyday task and promote error-monitoring in people with dementia of the Alzheimer-type? Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 27 (2). pp. 239-262. ISSN 0960-2011

Banerjee, S (2015) Multimorbidity: health care that counts "past one" for 1.2 billion older adults - Author's reply. The Lancet, 385 (9984). pp. 2253-2254. ISSN 0140-6736

Banerjee, Sube (2015) Multimorbidity - older adults need health care that can count past one. Lancet (London, England), 385 (9968). pp. 587-589. ISSN 1474-547X

Bozzali, Marco, Dowling, Claire, Serra, Laura, Spanò, Barbara, Torso, Mario, Marra, Camillo, Castelli, Diana, Dowell, Nicholas G, Koch, Giacomo, Caltagirone, Carlo and Cercignani, Mara (2015) The impact of cognitive reserve on brain functional connectivity in Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 44 (1). pp. 243-50. ISSN 1875-8908

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Critchley, Hugo D and Garfinkel, Sarah N (2015) Interactions between visceral afferent signaling and stimulus processing. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9 (286). ISSN 1662-4548

Critchley, Hugo D and Nagai, Yoko (2015) [Commentary] What does left-right autonomic asymmetry signify? Emotion Review, 8 (1). pp. 76-77. ISSN 1754-0739

Critchley, Hugo D, Nicotra, Alessia, Chiesa, Patrizia A, Nagai, Yoko, Gray, Marcus A, Minati, Ludovico and Bernardi, Luciano (2015) Slow breathing and hypoxic challenge: cardiorespiratory consequences and their central neural substrates. PLoS ONE, 10 (5). e0127082. ISSN 1932-6203

Cummings, J, Mintzer, J, Brodaty, H, Sano, M, Banerjee, S, Devanand, D P, Gauthier, S, Howard, R, Lanctôt, K, Lyketsos, C G, Peskind, E, Porsteinsson, A P, Reich, E, Sampaio, C, Steffens, D, Wortmann, M and Zhong, K (2015) Agitation in cognitive disorders: International Psychogeriatric Association provisional consensus clinical and research definition. International Psychogeriatrics, 27 (1). pp. 7-17. ISSN 1041-6102

Denton, David A, Abraham, Rajesh P, Al-Assaf, Aalya S, Rutjes, Anne W S, Chong, Lee Yee, Anderson, John L, Malik, Muzaffar A and Tabet, Naji (2015) Vitamin and mineral supplementation for maintaining cognitive function in cognitively healthy people in mid life. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2015. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1469-493X

Eccles, J A, Garfinkel, S N, Harrison, N A, Ward, J, Taylor, R E, Bewley, A P and Critchley, H D (2015) Sensations of skin infestation linked to abnormal frontolimbic brain reactivity and differences in self-representation. Neuropsychologia, 77. pp. 90-96. ISSN 0028-3932

Eccles, Jessica A, Owens, Andrew P, Mathias, Christopher J, Umeda, Satoshi and Critchley, Hugo D (2015) Neurovisceral phenotypes in the expression of psychiatric symptoms. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9. ISSN 1662-453X

Garfinkel, Sarah N, Eccles, Jessica A and Critchley, Hugo D (2015) The heart, the brain, and the regulation of emotion. JAMA Psychiatry, 72 (11). pp. 1071-1072. ISSN 2168-622X

Garfinkel, Sarah N, Seth, Anil K, Barrett, Adam B, Suzuki, Keisuke and Critchley, Hugo D (2015) Knowing your own heart: distinguishing interoceptive accuracy from interoceptive awareness. Biological Psychology, 104. pp. 65-74. ISSN 0301-0511

Giese, Karl Peter, Aziz, Wajeeha, Kraev, Igor and Stewart, Michael G (2015) Generation of multi-innervated dendritic spines as a novel mechanism of long-term memory formation. Neurobiology of learning and memory, 124. pp. 48-51. ISSN 1095-9564

Goode, Angela E, Gonzalez Carter, Daniel A, Motskin, Michael, Pienaar, Ilse, Chen, Shu, Hu, Sheng, Ruenraroengsak, Pakatip, Ryan, Mary P, Shaffer, Milo S P, Dexter, David T and Porter, Alexandra E (2015) High resolution and dynamic imaging of biopersistence and bioreactivity of extra and intracellular MWNTs exposed to microglial cells. Biomaterials, 70. pp. 57-70. ISSN 0142-9612

Greenaway, L P, Martin, N H, Lawrence, V, Janssen, A, Al-Chalabi, A, Leigh, P N and Goldstein, L H (2015) Accepting or declining non-invasive ventilation or gastrostomy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: patients' perspectives. Journal of Neurology, 262 (4). pp. 1002-1013. ISSN 0340-5354

Harrison, Neil A, Cercignani, Mara, Voon, Valerie and Critchley, Hugo D (2015) Effects of inflammation on hippocampus and substantia nigra responses to novelty in healthy human participants. Neuropsychopharmacology, 40 (4). pp. 831-838. ISSN 0893-133X

Harrison, Neil A, Cooper, Ella, Dowell, Nicholas G, Keramida, Georgia, Voon, Valerie, Critchley, Hugo D and Cercignani, Mara (2015) Quantitative magnetization transfer imaging as a biomarker for effects of systemic inflammation on the brain. Biological Psychiatry, 78 (1). pp. 49-57. ISSN 0006-3223

Hawksley, Jack, Cavanna, Andrea E and Nagai, Yoko (2015) The role of the autonomic nervous system in Tourette Syndrome. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9. ISSN 1662-453X

Howard, Robert, McShane, Rupert, Lindesay, James, Ritchie, Craig, Baldwin, Ashley, Barber, Robert, Burns, Alistair, Dening, Tom, Findlay, David, Holmes, Clive, Jones, Robert, Jones, Roy, McKeith, Ian, Macharouthu, Ajay, O'Brien, John, Sheehan, Bart, Juszczak, Edmund, Katona, Cornelius, Hills, Robert, Knapp, Martin, Ballard, Clive, Brown, Richard G, Banerjee, Sube, Adams, Jessica, Johnson, Tony, Bentham, Peter and Phillips, Patrick P J (2015) Nursing home placement in the Donepezil and Memantine in Moderate to Severe Alzheimer's Disease (DOMINO-AD) trial: secondary and post-hoc analyses. Lancet Neurology, 14 (12). pp. 1171-1181. ISSN 1474-4422

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Jones, Roy W, Romeo, Renee, Trigg, Richard, Knapp, Martin, Sato, Azusa, King, Derek, Niecko, Timothy, Lacey, Loretto, Tabet, Naji and the DADE Investigator Group, et al. (2015) Dependence in Alzheimer's disease and service use costs, quality of life, and caregiver burden: the DADE study. Alzheimer's and Dementia, 11 (3). pp. 280-290. ISSN 1552-5260

Kadohisa, Mikiko, Kusunoki, Makoto, Petrov, Philippe, Sigala, Natasha, Buckley, Mark, Gaffan, David and Duncan, John (2015) Spatial and temporal distribution of visual information coding in lateral prefrontal cortex. European Journal of Neuroscience, 41 (1). pp. 89-96. ISSN 0953-816X

Kotwas, Iliana, Micoulaud-Franchi, Jean-Arthur, Bartolomei, Fabrice and Nagai, Yoko (2015) Commentary: Integrating electrodermal biofeedback into pharmacologic treatment of grand mal seizures. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 9. ISSN 1662-5161

Leigh, P N, Al-Sarraj, S and DiMauro, S (2015) Impact commentaries. Subacute necrotising encephalomyelopathy (Leigh's disease; Leigh syndrome). Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 86 (4). pp. 363-5. ISSN 0022-3050

Makovac, Elena, Garfinkel, Sarah N, Bassi, Andrea, Basile, Barbara, Macaluso, Emiliano, Cercignani, Mara, Calcagnini, Giovanni, Mattei, Eugenio, Agalliu, Daniela, Cortelli, Pietro, Caltagirone, Carlo, Bozzali, Marco and Critchley, Hugo (2015) Effect of parasympathetic stimulation on brain activity during appraisal of fearful expressions. Neuropsychopharmacology, 40 (7). pp. 1649-1658. ISSN 0893-133X

Mastropasqua, Chiara, Bozzali, Marco, Spanò, Barbara, Koch, Giacomo and Cercignani, Mara (2015) Functional anatomy of the thalamus as a model of integrated structural and functional connectivity of the human brain in vivo. Brain Topography, 28 (4). pp. 548-558. ISSN 0896-0267

Mole, T B, Irvine, M A, Worbe, Y, Collins, P, Mitchell, S P, Bolton, S, Harrison, N A, Robbins, T W and Voon, V (2015) Impulsivity in disorders of food and drug misuse. Psychological Medicine, 45 (4). pp. 771-782. ISSN 0033-2917

Morris, Laurel S, Kundu, Prantik, Baek, Kwangyeol, Irvine, Michael A, Mechelmans, Daisy J, Wood, Jonathan, Harrison, Neil A, Robbins, Trevor W, Bullmore, Edward T and Voon, Valerie (2015) Neural correlates of waiting impulsivity: a dimensional approach to alcohol misuse. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 86 (9). e3. ISSN 0022-3050

Morris, Laurel S, Kwangyeol, Baek, Kundu, Prantik, Harrison, Neil A, Frank, Michael J and Voon, Valerie (2015) Biases in the explore-exploit tradeoff in addictions: the role of avoidance of uncertainty. Neuropsychopharmacology, 41. pp. 940-948. ISSN 0893-133X

Nagai, Yoko (2015) Modulation of autonomic activity in neurological conditions: Epilepsy and Tourette Syndrome. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9. ISSN 1662-453X

Nelson, Lucy and Tabet, Naji (2015) Slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease; what works? Ageing Research Reviews, 23. pp. 193-209. ISSN 1568-1637

Pienaar, Ilse S, Lee, Cecilia H, Elson, Joanna L, McGuinness, Louisa, Gentleman, Stephen M, Kalaria, Raj N and Dexter, David T (2015) Deep-brain stimulation associates with improved microvascular integrity in the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson's disease. Neurobiology of Disease, 74. pp. 392-405. ISSN 0969-9961

Polling, C, Tulloch, A, Banerjee, S, Cross, S, Dutta, R, Wood, D M, Dargan, P I and Hotopf, M (2015) Using routine clinical and administrative data to produce a dataset of attendances at Emergency Departments following self-harm. BMC Emergency Medicine, 15 (15). ISSN 1471-227X

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Serra, Laura, Musicco, Massimo, Cercignani, Mara, Torso, Mario, Spanò, Barbara, Mastropasqua, Chiara, Giulietti, Giovanni, Marra, Camillo, Bruno, Giuseppe, Koch, Giacomo, Caltagirone, Carlo and Bozzali, Marco (2015) Cognitive reserve and the risk for Alzheimer's disease: a longitudinal study. Neurobiology of Aging, 36 (2). pp. 592-600. ISSN 0197-4580

Sigala, Natasha (2015) Effects of memory training or task design? A commentary on 'neural evidence for the use of digit-image mnemonic in a superior memorist: an fMRI study'. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 9. a183. ISSN 1662-5161

Smith, Kathleen W, Gierski, Fabien, Andre, Judith, Dowell, Nicholas G, Cercignani, Mara, Naassila, Mickaël and Duka, Theodora (2015) Altered white matter integrity in whole brain and segments of corpus callosum, in young social drinkers with binge drinking pattern. Addiction Biology, 22 (2). pp. 490-501. ISSN 1369-1600

Torso, Mario, Serra, Laura, Giulietti, Giovanni, Spanò, Barbara, Tuzzi, Elisa, Koch, Giacomo, Caltagirone, Carlo, Cercignani, Mara and Bozzali, Marco (2015) Strategic lesions in the anterior thalamic radiation and apathy in early Alzheimer's disease. PLoS ONE, 10 (5). e0124998. ISSN 1932-6203

Tsermentseli, Stella, Leigh, Nigel, Taylor, Lorna J, Radunovic, Aleksandar, Catani, Marco and Goldstein, Laura H (2015) Syntactic processing as a marker for cognitive impairment in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration, 17 (1-2). pp. 69-76. ISSN 2167-8421

Turati, Laura, Moscatelli, Marco, Mastropietro, Alfonso, Dowell, Nicholas G, Zucca, Ileana, Erbetta, Alessandra, Cordiglieri, Chiara, Brenna, Greta, Bianchi, Beatrice, Mantegazza, Renato, Cercignani, Mara, Baggi, Fulvio and Minati, Ludovico (2015) In vivo quantitative magnetization transfer imaging correlates with histology during de- and remyelination in cuprizone-treated mice. NMR in Biomedicine, 28 (3). pp. 327-37. ISSN 0952-3480

Umeda, Satoshi, Harrison, Neil A, Gray, Marcus A, Mathias, Christopher J and Critchley, Hugo D (2015) Structural brain abnormalities in postural tachycardia syndrome: A VBM-DARTEL study. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 9 (34). ISSN 1662-453X

Voon, V, Baek, K, Enander, J, Worbe, Y, Morris, L S, Harrison, N A, Robbins, T W, Rück, C and Daw, N (2015) Motivation and value influences in the relative balance of goal-directed and habitual behaviours in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Translational Psychiatry, 5 (11). e670. ISSN 2158-3188

Voon, V, Derbyshire, K, Rück, C, Irvine, M A, Worbe, Y, Enander, J, Schreiber, L R N, Gillan, C, Fineberg, N A, Sahakian, B J, Robbins, T W, Harrison, Neil and et al, (2015) Disorders of compulsivity: a common bias towards learning habits. Molecular Psychiatry, 20. pp. 345-352. ISSN 1359-4184

Voon, Valerie, Morris, Laurel S, Irvine, Michael A, Ruck, Christian, Worbe, Yulia, Derbyshire, Katherine, Rankov, Vladan, Schreiber, Liana R N, Odlaug, Brian L, Harrison, Neil A, Wood, Jonathan, Robbins, Trevor W, Bullmore, Edward T and Grant, Jon E (2015) Risk-taking in disorders of natural and drug rewards: neural correlates and effects of probability, valence, and magnitude. Neuropsychopharmacology, 40. pp. 804-812. ISSN 0893-133X

Walker, Zuzana, Moreno, Emilio, Thomas, Alan, Inglis, Fraser, Tabet, Naji, Rainer, Michael, Pizzolato, Gilberto, Padovani, Alessandro and the DADE Investigator Group, et al. (2015) Clinical usefulness of dopamine transporter SPECT imaging with 123I-FP-CIT in patients with possible dementia with Lewy bodies: randomised study. British Journal of Psychiatry, 206 (2). pp. 145-152. ISSN 0007-1250

Walker, Zuzana and Tabet, Naji (2015) Authors' reply. British Journal of Psychiatry, 207 (4). pp. 364-365. ISSN 0007-1250

Whale, Richard, Fialho, Renata Sofia, Rolt, Michael, Eccles, Jessica, Pereira, Marco, Keller, Majella, File, Alexandra, Haq, Inam and Tibble, Jeremy (2015) Psychomotor retardation and vulnerability to interferon alpha induced major depressive disorder: prospective study of a chronic hepatitis C cohort. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 79 (6). pp. 640-645. ISSN 0022-3999

Young, Jeremy, Angevaren, Maaike, Rusted, Jennifer and Tabet, Naji (2015) Aerobic exercise to improve cognitive function in older people without known cognitive impairment. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 4. CD005381. ISSN 1469-493X

van der Kleij, Lisa A, Jones, Ashley R, Steen, I Nick, Young, Carolyn A, Shaw, Pamela J, Shaw, Christopher E, Leigh, Nigel, Turner, Martin R and Al-Chalabi, Ammar (2015) Regionality of disease progression predicts prognosis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Degeneration, 16 (7-8). ISSN 2167-8421

Conference or Workshop Item

Terrazzini, Nadia, Morrow, George, Kern, Florian and Caserta, Stefano (2015) IL-7 enhances the responsiveness of CMV effectors. In: 4th European Congress of Immunology - Vienna 2015, 6-9 September 2015, Vienna, Austria.

Conference Proceedings

Mavromihelaki, Evangelia, Eccles, Jessica, Harrison, Neil, Grice-Jackson, Thomas, Ward, Jamie, Critchley, Hugo and Mania, Katerina (2015) Cyberball3D+: a 3D serious game for fMRI investigating social exclusion and empathy. Valletta, Malta, 9 - 12 September 2014. Published in: Camilleri, Vanessa, Dingli, Alexei and Montebello, Matthew, (eds.) 2014 6th International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (VS-Games). 1-8. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ISBN 9781479940561


Balouch, Sara (2015) A detailed exploration of changes in everyday task performance in people with dementia. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

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