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Bastaki, Hamad, Carter, Jessica, Marston, Louise, Cassell, Jackie and Rait, Greta (2018) Time delays in the diagnosis and treatment of malaria in non-endemic countries: a systematic review. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 21. pp. 21-27. ISSN 1477-8939

Bastaki, Hamad, Marston, Louise, Cassell, Jackie and Rait, Greta (2018) Imported malaria in the UK, 2005 to 2016: estimates from primary care electronic health records. PLoS ONE, 13. e0210040. ISSN 1932-6203

Biesheuvel-Leliefeld, Karolien, Dijkstra-Kersten, Sandra, van Schaik, Anneke, van Marwijk, Harm, Smit, Filip, van der Horst, Henriëtte and Bockting, Claudi (2018) Self-help to prevent relapse in depression. Huisarts en Wetenschap, 61 (11). pp. 20-23. ISSN 0018-7070

Biesheuvel-Leliefeld, Karolien E M, Bosmans, Judith E, Dijkstra-Kersten, Sandra M A, Smit, Filip, Bockting, Claudi L H, van Schaik, Digna J F, van Marwijk, Harm W J and van de Horst, Henriette E (2018) A supported self-help for recurrent depression in primary care; an economic evaluation alongside a multi-center randomised controlled trial. PLoS ONE, 13 (12). e0208570 1-18. ISSN 1932-6203

Brooks, Hannah, Llewellyn, Carrie D, Nadarzynski, Tom, Castilho Pelloso, Fernando Castilho, De Souza Guilherme, Felipe, Pollard, Alex and Jones, Christina J (2018) Sexual orientation disclosure in healthcare: systematic review. British Journal of General Practice, 68 (6888). e187-e196. ISSN 0960-1643


Cassell, Jackie A, Middleton, Jo, Nalabanda, Ananth, Lanza, Stefania, Head, Michael G, Bostock, Jennifer, Hewitt, Kirsty, Jones, Christopher Iain, Darley, Charles, Karir, Simran and Walker, Stephen L (2018) Scabies outbreaks in ten care homes for elderly people: a prospective study of clinical features, epidemiology, and treatment outcomes. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 18 (8). pp. 894-902. ISSN 1473-3099


de Heer, Eric W, Dekker, Jack, Beekman, Aartjan T F, van Marwijk, Harm W J, Holwerda, Tjalling J, Bet, Pierre M, Roth, Joost, Timmerman, Lotte and van der Feltz-Cornelis, Christina M (2018) Comparative effect of collaborative care, pain medication, and duloxetine in the treatment of depression and comorbid pain in outpatient care: results of a randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 9 (118). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1664-0640

de Heer, Eric W, ten Have, Margreet, van Marwijk, Harm W J, Dekker, Jack, de Graaf, Ron, Beekman, Aartjan T F and van der Feltz-Cornelis, Christina M (2018) Pain is a risk factor for common mental disorders. Results from the Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study-2: a longitudinal, population-based study. Pain, 159 (4). pp. 712-718. ISSN 0304-3959

de Koning, Elisa J, Elstgeest, Liset E M, Comijs, Hannie C, Lips, Paul, Rijnhart, Judith J M, van Marwijk, Harm W J, Beekman, Aartjan T F, Visser, Marjolein, Penninx, Brenda W J H and van Schoor, Natashja M (2018) Vitamin D status and depressive symptoms in older adults: a role for physical functioning? American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 26 (11). pp. 1131-1143. ISSN 1064-7481


Edelman, N (2018) Towards a critical epidemiology approach for applied sexual health research. Journal of Health Psychology, 23 (2). pp. 161-174. ISSN 1359-1053

Edelman, N L, Cassell, J A, Mercer, C H, Bremner, S A, Jones, C I, Gersten, A and deVisser, R O (2018) Deriving a clinical prediction rule to target sexual healthcare to women attending British General Practices. Preventive Medicine, 112. pp. 185-192. ISSN 0091-7435


Ford, Elizabeth, Greenslade, Nicholas, Paudyal, Priya, Bremner, Stephen, Smith, Helen, Banerjee, Sube, Sadhwani, Shanu, Rooney, Philip, Oliver, Seb and Cassell, Jackie (2018) Predicting dementia from primary care records: a systematic review and meta-analysis. PLoS ONE, 13 (3). e0194735 1-23. ISSN 1932-6203

Ford, Elizabeth, Lupton, Grace, Rooney, Philip, Oliver, Seb and Cassell, Jackie (2018) Development of a model for finding unlabeled cases of rheumatoid arthritis in UK primary care patient records. In: Medical Informatics Europe 2018, 24th-26th April 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Glew, Simon, Ford, Elizabeth M and Smith, Helen Elizabeth (2018) Filmed monologue vignettes: a novel method for investigating how clinicians document consultations in electronic health records. International Journal of Population Data Science, 3 (1). a430 1-11. ISSN 2399-4908

Greenberg, Lauren, Bremner, Stephen, Carr, Catherine and Priebe, Stefan (2018) Clinicians have several therapeutic relationships and patients only one: the effect on their assessments of relationships. International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 27 (4). e1722 1-7. ISSN 1049-8931


Jones, C L, Sommereux, L A and Smith, H E (2018) Exploring what motivates and sustains support group engagement amongst young people with allergies: a qualitative study. Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 48 (9). pp. 1195-1205. ISSN 0954-7894


Khanassov, Vladimir, Hu, Jingyi, Reeves, David and van Marwijk, Harm (2018) Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors use and risk of fractures in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 33 (12). pp. 1688-1708. ISSN 0885-6230

Kinyanjui, Timothy, Middleton, Jo, Güttel, Stefan, Cassell, Jackie, Ross, Joshua and House, Thomas (2018) Scabies in residential care homes: modelling, inference and interventions for well-connected population sub-units. PLoS Computational Biology, 14 (3). e1006046. ISSN 1553-7358

Kontopantelis, Evangelos, Mamas, Mamas A, Van Marwijk, Harm, Ryan, Andrew M, Buchan, Iain E, Ashcroft, Darren M and Doran, Tim (2018) Geographical epidemiology of health and overall deprivation in England, its changes and persistence from 2004 to 2015: a longitudinal spatial population study. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 72 (2). pp. 140-147. ISSN 0143-005X

Kontopantelis, Evangelos, Mamas, Mamas A, van Marwijk, Harm, Buchan, Iain, Ryan, Andrew M and Doran, Tim (2018) The increasing socio-economic gap between the young and old: temporal trends in health and overall deprivation in England by age, sex, urbanity and ethnicity, 2004 - 2015. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 72 (7). pp. 636-644. ISSN 0143-005X

Kontopantelis, Evangelos, Mamas, Mamas A, van Marwijk, Harm, Ryan, Andrew M, Bower, Peter, Guthrie, Bruce and Doran, Tim (2018) Chronic morbidity, deprivation and primary medical care spending in England in 2015-16: a cross-sectional spatial analysis. BMC Medicine, 16 (1). a19 1-13. ISSN 1741-7015

Kümin, Michelle, Harper, Christopher Mark, Reed, Mike, Bremner, Stephen, Perry, Nicky and Scarborough, Matthew (2018) Reducing Implant Infection in Orthopaedics (RIIiO): a pilot study for a randomised controlled trial comparing the influence of forced air versus resistive fabric warming technologies on postoperative infection rates following orthopaedic implant surgery in adults. Trials, 19 (1). a640 1-8. ISSN 1745-6215


Leach, Laura, Smith, Helen, Brown, Clare, Davies, Marc and Jones, Christina (2018) Young people's views on the design of adrenaline auto-injectors: A qualitative study. Journal of Allergy and Therapy, 9 (1). ISSN 2155-6121

Leon, Agathe, Whetham, Jennifer, Apers, Ludwig, Begovac, Josip, Teofilo, Eugenio, Borges, Margarida, Vera, Jaime, Clarke, Amanda, Levett, Tom, Bremner, Stephen, Hoornaert, Steven, Florence, Eric, Lukas, Davorka, Zekan, Sime, Lourenço, António, Rodrigues, Gonçalo, Martínez, Esteban, González, Eva, Martin, Maite, Arnaiz, J A, Gatell, J M and Garcia, Felipe (2018) Validation study of mHealth technology in HIV to improve empowerment and healthcare utilisation: research and innovation to generate evidence for personalised care (EmERGE). EmERGE.


Macken, Lucia, Mason, Louise, Evans, Catherine, Gage, Heather, Jordan, Jake, Austin, Mark, Parnell, Nick, Cooper, Max, Steer, Shani, Boles, Justine, Bremner, Stephen, Lambert, Debbie, Crook, David, Earl, Gemma, Timeyin, Jean, Verma, Sumita, Unset and Unset (2018) [Study Protocol] Palliative long-term abdominal drains versus repeated drainage in individuals with untreatable ascites due to advanced cirrhosis: study protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial. Trials, 19 (401). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1745-6215

Maskell, Katherine, McDonald, Paula and Paudyal, Priyamvada (2018) The usefulness of health education materials in GP waiting rooms: cross-sectional study. British Journal of General Practice, 68 (s1). ISSN 0960-1643

McDonagh, Lorraine K, Saunders, John M, Cassell, Jackie, Curtis, Tyrone, Bastaki, Hamad, Hartney, Thomas and Rait, Greta (2018) Application of the COM-B model to barriers and facilitators to chlamydia testing in general practice for young people and primary care practitioners: a systematic review. Implementation Science, 13. a130. ISSN 1748-5908

McMillan, Brian, Fox, Sarah, Lyons, Moira, Bourke, Suzy, Mistry, Manoj, Ruddock, Angela, Brown, Benjamin, Tang, Mei Yee and van Marwijk, Harm (2018) Using patient and public involvement to improve the research design and funding application for a project aimed at fostering a more collaborative approach to the NHS Health Check: the CaVIAR Project (better Care Via Improved Access to Records). Research Involvement and Engagement, 4 (18). ISSN 2056-7529

Memon, Anjum and El-Turki, Aisha (2018) Epidemiology of gynaecological cancers. In: Shafi, Mahmood, Bolton, Helen and Gajjar, Ketankumar (eds.) Gynaecological oncology for the MRCOG. Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-10. ISBN 9781316638712

Memon, Anjum, Rogers, Imogen, Sidebotham, James, Sundin, Josefin, Rumsby, Emma and Parker, Samantha (2018) [Abstract] Which personal, behavioural, environmental, and social factors are important in smoking cessation and relapse in male manual workers? A qualitative study in southeast England. Public Health Science A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK Public Health, Belfast, Ireland, Nov 23, 2018. Published in: Lancet. 392 (Supp 2) s64. Elsevier ISSN 0140-6736

Middleton, Jo (2018) A conversation with… Jo Middleton. Pulse (8). pp. 12-13.

Middleton, Jo, Cassell, Jackie, Jones, Christopher I, Lanza, Stefania, Head, Michael G and Walker, Stephen L (2018) Authors reply to ‘Scabies control: the forgotten role of personal hygiene’, correspondence by Duncan Mara. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 18 (10). pp. 1068-1069. ISSN 1473-3099

Middleton, Jo, Cassell, Jackie, Rott, Anja, Cooper, Ian and Stewart, Alan (2018) Win-win interventions for health and conservation from Papua New Guinea’s rainforests to the UK’s National Parks. In: Tulsicon2018 Conference: Impact of One Health on Conservations, 14 September 2018, London Wetland Centre, London, UK.

Middleton, Jo, Head, Mike and Cassell, Jackie (2018) The burden of scabies in vulnerable populations in England. In: Public Health England Reference Microbiology Scientific Seminar, 22 November 2018, PHE Collindale, London.

Miners, Alec, Llewellyn, Carrie, King, Carina, Pollard, Alex, Roy, Anupama, Gilson, Richard, Rodger, Alison, Burns, Fiona and Shahmanesh, Maryam (2018) Designing a brief behaviour change intervention to reduce sexually transmitted infections: a discrete choice experiment. International Journal of STD and AIDS, 29 (9). ISSN 0956-4624

Mulenga, Tamara, Lawrence, David and Cooper, Maxwell (2018) "The biggest untold story in Zambia". Barriers to quality health reporting and the influence of new media: in-depth interview study with Zambian journalists. In: Global Health Symposium 2018, 26 & 27 April 2018, Belfast.


Nabbe, P, Le Reste, J Y, Guillou-Landreat, M, Beck-Robert, E, Assenova, R, Lazic, D, Czachowski, S, Stojanovi-Špehar, S, Hasanagic, M, Lingner, H, Clavería, A, Fernandez San Martin, M I, Sowinska, A, Argyriadou, S, Lygidakis, C, Le Floch, B, Doerr, C, Montier, T, Van Marwijk, H and Van Royen, P (2018) One consensual depression diagnosis tool to serve many countries: a challenge! A RAND/UCLA methodology. BMC Research Notes, 11. a4 1-8. ISSN 1756-0500

Nadarzynski, Tom, Smith, Helen, Richardson, Daniel, Bremner, Stephen and Llewellyn, Carrie (2018) Men who have sex with men who do not access sexual health clinics nor disclose sexual orientation are unlikely to receive the HPV vaccine in the UK. Vaccine, 36 (33). pp. 5065-5070. ISSN 0264-410X


Okorie, Michael, Ali, Khalid, Bremner, Stephen, Quirk, Richard, Jackson, Stephen, Potter, John, Beckett, Nigel, Bulpitt, Christopher and Rajkumar, Chakravarthi (2018) [Abstract] P-33 treatment of white coat Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET 2) – A UK feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial. In: British and Irish Hypertension Society Annual Scientific Meeting, 24-26 September 2018, Robinson College Cambridge.

O’Sullivan, N, Hacker, J, Gilchrist, K and Memon, A (2018) [Abstract] Factors associated with obesity in children in Brighton & Hove: an analysis of cross-sectional data. 11th European Public Health Conference Winds of change: towards new ways of improving public health in Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28 November–1 December 2018. Published in: The European Journal of Public Health. 28 (Supp 4) Oxford University Press ISSN 1101-1262


Pankhania, S M, Memon, A and Galvin, K T (2018) [Abstract] How do people perceive their everyday wellbeing? Relevance for public health research and policy. 11th European Public Health Conference Winds of change: towards new ways of improving public health in Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28 November–1 December 2018. Published in: The European Journal of Public Health. 28 (Supp 4) Oxford University Press ISSN 1101-1262

Parekh, Nikesh, Stevenson, Jennifer M, Schiff, Rebekah, Davies, J Graham, Bremner, Stephen, Van der Cammen, Tischa, Harchowal, Jatinder, Rajkumar, Chakravarthi and Ali, Khalid (2018) Can doctors identify older patients at risk of medication harm following hospital discharge? A multicentre prospective study in the UK. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 84 (10). pp. 2344-2351. ISSN 0306-5251

Paudyal, Priyamvada, Jones, Christina, Grindey, Caroline, Dawood, Rusha and Smith, Helen (2018) Meditation for asthma: systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Asthma, 55 (7). pp. 771-778. ISSN 0277-0903

Pollard, Alex, Llewellyn, Carrie, Cooper, Vanessa, Sachikonye, Memory, Perry, Nicky, Nixon, Eileen, Miners, Alec, Youssef, Elaney and Sabin, Caroline (2018) Patients’ perspectives on the development of HIV services to accommodate ageing with HIV: a qualitative study. International Journal of STD and AIDS, 29 (5). pp. 483-490. ISSN 0956-4624

Pollard, Alexander, Nadarzynski, Tom and Llewellyn, Carrie (2018) Syndemics of stigma, minority-stress, maladaptive coping, risk environments and littoral spaces among men who have sex with men using chemsex. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 20 (4). pp. 411-427. ISSN 1369-1058

Pols, Alide D, Schipper, Karen, Overkamp, Debbie, Van Marwijk, Harm W J, Van Tulder, Maurits W and Adriaanse, Marcel C (2018) Patients’ and practice nurses’ perceptions of depression in patients with type 2 diabetes and/or coronary heart disease screened for subthreshold depression. BMC Family Practice, 19 (1). a202 1-14. ISSN 1471-2296

Pols, Alide Danielle, Adriaanse, Marcel C, van Tulder, Maurits W, Heymans, Martijn W, Bosmans, Judith E, van Dijk, Susan E and van Marwijk, Harm W J (2018) Two-year effectiveness of a stepped-care depression prevention intervention and predictors of incident depression in primary care patients with diabetes type 2 and/or coronary heart disease and subthreshold depression; data from the Step-Dep cluster randomized controlled trial. BMJ Open, 8 (10). e020412 1-10. ISSN 2044-6055


Reeves, David, Pye, Stephen, Ashcroft, Darren M, Clegg, Andrew, Kontopantelis, Evangelos, Blakeman, Tom and van Marwijk, Harm (2018) The challenge of ageing populations and patient frailty: can primary care adapt? BMJ, 362. pp. 1-7. ISSN 0959-8138


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Shenouda, John and Cooper, Maxwell (2018) [Responses] The social determinants of health: what's missing? BMJ Global Health, 3 (e00060). ISSN 2059-7908

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Sitnikova, Kate, Pret-Oskam, Rinske, Dijkstra-Kersten, Sandra MA, Leone, Stephanie S, van Marwijk, Harm W J, van der Horst, Henriëtte E and van der Wouden, Johannes C (2018) Management of patients with persistent medically unexplained symptoms: a descriptive study. BMC Family Practice, 19 (88). ISSN 1471-2296

Stone, Sara B, Myers, Samuel S, Golden, Christopher D, Molina-Garcia, Alejandro, Quistberg, Alex, More, Alexander, Helfer, Amanda, Mckinney, Amanda, Krzyzek, Amy, Torres, Ana Lauren, Bansal, Ankush, Kurth, Ann, Bolton, Annette, De Lorenzi, Arianna, Boyd, Arthur, Aimone, Ashley, Miheso, Barbara, Chandramohan, Balasubramanyam, Kois, Bethany, Pomerance, Caiti, Loy, Candace, Mullaly, Catherine, Tonne, Cathryn, Becka, Chandra, Ssemugabo, Charles, Sinden, Charles, Margolui, Cheryl, True, Cheryl, Walzer, Chris, Romanelli, Christina, Lowe, Christine, Baeder, Collyn, Howard, Courtney, Lucey, Daniel, Hunter, Danny, Collins, Darin, Crowther, David, Lopez Carr, David, McConville, David, Mena, David, Travis, Dominic, Adams, Ebeneezer, VanWormer, Elizabeth, York, Emily, You, Emily, Falceto de Barros, Enrique, Togami, Eri, Cushing, Erin, Andrade-Rivas, Federico, Boosman, Frank, Wimer, Gabrielle, Meredith, Gen, Kitching, George, Mancus, Gibran, De Leo, Giulio, La Torre, Giuseppe, Edwards, Grace, Hasan, Syed, Cullen, Heidi, Hawkins, Irana, Carter, Jacque, Orbinski, James, Heung, Janette, Coffin, Jeanne, Middleton, Jo, Lindenmayer, Joann, Hallberg, Johan, Patz, Jonathan, Dauernheimer Machado, Julia, Miller, Julia, Miedema, Kaitlyn, Wang, Karen, Burke, Kathy, Richmond, Katie, Durand, Kevin, Fitzpatrick, Kevin, Knowlton, Kim, Murray, Kris, Swamy, Latha, Kahn, Laura H, Peretz, Laurel, Allsopp, Leslie, Friedlander, Leslie, Marushka, Lesya, East, Linda, Grant, Liz, Concordel, Lucie, Masclans, Luisa, Charles-Ayinde, Makyba, Pappaioanou, Marguerite, Shimamoto, Mark, Ashinyo, Mary Eyram, Richards, Mary, Clark, Maynard, Dannheim, Mike, Bimaadziwin, Mino, Rahman, Mofizur, French, Nancy, Aristizabal, Natalia, De Paula, Nicole, Osano, Odipo, Aje-Famuyide, Olufunke, Narwal, Partap, Kinney, Pat, Conrad, Patricia, Furu, Peter, Jutras, Philip, Echaubard, Pierre, Pohl, Rachel, Guggenheim, Ralph, Rodrigo, Reis, Guinto, Renzo, McFarlane, Ro, Alders, Robyn, DeFries, Ruth, Sholts, Sabrina, Lee-Gammage, Samuel, Proesmans, Sam, Watson, Sangeetha, Sokolow, Sanna, Lalonde, Shona, Chakma, Shovon, Boylan, Sinead, Gaith, Smita, Roache, Sonia, Papageorgiou, Sophia, Blondin, Stacy, Rousseau, Stephane, Osofsky, Steven A, Stark, Susan, Clasen, Thomas, Ibrahim, Umar, Rossa-Roccor, Verena, Kurker, Vicki, Navarro, Victoria, Ingole, Vijendra, Harris, Violet, Lavey, Warren, Smith, Woutrina and Hope, Zachary Miller (2018) Cross-cutting principles for planetary health education. The Lancet Planetary Health, 2 (5). e192-e193. ISSN 2542-5196


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Tsegay, Girmay, Deribe, Kebede, Deyessa, Negussie, Addissie, Adamu, Davey, Gail, Cooper, Maxwell and Trueba, Mei (2018) 'I should not feed such a weak woman'. Intimate partner violence among women living with podoconiosis: A qualitative study in northern Ethiopia. PLoS ONE, 13 (12). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1932-6203


Vera, Jaime H, Dean, Gillian, Pollard, Alex, Soni, Suneeta, Llewellyn, Carrie, Peralta, Carlos and Rodriguez, Liliana (2018) Digital vending machine technology to distribute HIV self-tests to high-risk MSM populations in Brighton and Hove. In: Dara, Masoud, Garvy, Zachary Thomas and Masfeld, Maiken (eds.) Compendium of good practices in the health sector response to HIV in the WHO European Region. World Health Organization, Copenhagen, pp. 127-140. ISBN 9789289053358

van Dijk, Susan E M, Adriaanse, Marcel C, van der Zwaan, Lennart, Bosmans, Judith E, van Marwijk, Harm W J, van Tulder, Maurits W and Terwee, Caroline B (2018) Measurement properties of depression questionnaires in patients with diabetes: a systematic review. Quality of Life Research, 27 (6). pp. 1415-1430. ISSN 0962-9343

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van Eck van der Sluijs, Jonna F, ten Have, Margreet, de Graaf, Ron, Th Rijnders, Cees A, van Marwijk, Harm W J and van der Feltz-Cornelis, Christina M (2018) Predictors of persistent medically unexplained physical symptoms: findings from a general population study. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 9 (613). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1664-0640

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