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Kaur, Raminder, O'Neill, Maggie, Henry, Nicola, Benson, Krista, Christou, Anastasia and Cruz, Cindy (2018) Virtual roundtable on mapping gendered violence. Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, 39 (2). pp. 233-264. ISSN 0160-9009

Kaur, Raminder (2017) Skipping memories on partition and the intersensory field in subcontinental Britain. Third Text, 31 (2-3). pp. 387-418. ISSN 1475-5297

Kaur, Raminder (2017) Three families’ stories of new beginnings after the horror of Indian partition. The Conversation [weblog article, 14 August 2017].

Kaur, Raminder (2017) Mediating rape: the ‘Nirbhaya effect’ in the creative and digital arts. Signs: Journal of Culture and Society, 42 (4). pp. 945-976. ISSN 0097-9740

Kaur, Raminder (2016) A nuclear cyberia: interfacing science, culture and ‘e-thnography’ of an Indian township’s social media. Media, Culture & Society, 39 (3). pp. 325-340. ISSN 0163-4437

Kaur, Raminder and Eqbal, Saif (2015) Gendering graphics in Indian superhero comic books and some notes for provincializing cultural studies. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 12 (4). pp. 367-396. ISSN 1479-1420

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Kaur, Raminder (2013) The power and limits of numbers: an ethnography of a survey on background radiation and health. ASA online: Journal of Association of Social Anthropologists. ISSN 2073-4158

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Kaur, Raminder (2012) Nuclear Power vs People Power. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. ISSN 0096-3402

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Kaur, Raminder (2011) A 'Nuclear Renaissance', Climate Change and the State of Exception. Australian Journal of Anthropology, 22 (2). pp. 273-277. ISSN 1035-8811

Kaur, Raminder (2011) 'Ancient cosmopolitanism' and the South Asian diaspora. South Asian Diaspora, 3 (2). pp. 197-213. ISSN 1943-8192

Kaur, Raminder (2004) At the Ragged Edges of Time: The Legend of Tilak and the Normalization of Historical Narratives. South Asia Research, 24 (2). pp. 185-202. ISSN 0262-7280

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Book Section

Kaur, Raminder (2013) The fictions of science and cinema in India. In: Gokulsing, K Moti and Dissanayake, Wimal (eds.) Routledge handbook of Indian cinema. Routledge, Abingdon and New York. ISBN 9780415677745

Mazzarella, William and Kaur, Raminder (2012) Between sedition and seduction: thinking censorship in South Asia. In: Price, Monroe, Verhulst, Stefaan and Morgan, Libby (eds.) Routledge handbook of media law. Routledge handbooks . Routledge, Abingdon and New York. ISBN 9780415683166

Kaur, Raminder (2009) Heritage at the crossroads. In: Unset Greater London Authority.

Mazzarella, William and Kaur, Raminder (2009) Between sedition and seduction: thinking censorship in South Asia. In: Kaur, Raminder and Mazzarella, William (eds.) Censorship in South Asia: Cultural Regulation from Sedition to Seduction. Indiana University Press, pp. 1-28. ISBN 9780253220936

Kaur, Raminder (2009) Gods, Bombs and the Social Imaginary. In: Abraham, Itty (ed.) South Asian Cultures of the Bomb: Atomic Publics and the State in India and Pakistan. Indiana University Press, pp. 150-172. ISBN 9780253220325

Kaur, Raminder (2009) Nuclear Revelations. In: Censorship in South Asia: Cultural Regulation from Sedition to Seduction. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, USA, pp. 140-171. ISBN 9780253220936

Kaur, Raminder (2007) Spectacles of Nationalism in the Ganapati Utsav of Maharashtra. In: Davis, Richard (ed.) Picturing the Nation. Orient Longman, New Delhi. ISBN 9788125029083

Kaur, Raminder (2004) Fire in the belly: the mobilization of the Ganapati festival in Maharashtra. In: Zavos, John, Wyatt, Andrew and Hewitt, Vernon Marston (eds.) The politics of cultural mobilization in India. Oxford University Press, New Delhi; New York, pp. 37-70. ISBN 9780195668018

Kaur, Raminder (2004) Digits from the Dada: Pointers to the Articulation of Sainik Role Models in Mumbai. In: Hirst, Jacqueline Suthren and Thomas, Lynn (eds.) Playing for Real: Hindu Role Models, Religion, and Gender. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 51-80. ISBN 9780195667226

Kaur, Raminder (2003) Westenders: Whiteness, Women and Sexuality in Southall, UK. In: Andall, Jacqueline (ed.) Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Europe. BERG, pp. 199-222. ISBN 9781859736524

Kaur, Raminder (2003) Explosive Narratives: The Articulation of 'Nuclear Knowledge' in Mumbai. In: Pottier, Johan, Bicker, Alan and Sillitoe, Paul (eds.) Negotiating Local Knowledge: Power and Identity in Development. Pluto Press, pp. 51-74. ISBN 9780745320069

Kaur, Raminder and Hutnyk, John (1999) Introduction. In: Travel Worlds: Journeys in Contemporary Cultural Politics. Zed Books.

Kaur, Raminder (1999) Parking the Snout in Goa. In: Kaur, Raminder and Hutnyk, John (eds.) Travel Worlds: Journeys in Contemporary Cultural Politics. Zed Books, London, UK, pp. 155-172. ISBN 9781856495622

Kaur, Raminder and Kalra, Virinder Singh (1999) Brazen Translations: Notes for a New Terminology. In: Singh, Pritam and Thandi, Shinder Singh (eds.) Punjabi Identity in a Global Context. OUP.

Kaur Kahlon, Raminder and Kalra, Virinder (1996) New Paths for South Asian Identity and Musical Creativity. In: Sharma, Sanjay, Hutnyk, John and Sharma, Ashwani (eds.) Dis-orienting Rhythms: The Politics of the New Asian Dance Music. Zed Books, pp. 217-231. ISBN ISBN 9781856494700

Reports and working papers

Barrow, Jocelyn, Kaur, Raminder and et al, (2005) Delivering shared heritage: the Mayor's Commission on African and Asian heritage. Project Report. Greater London Authority, London.

Kaur, Raminder (2005) Unearthing our past: engaging with diversity at the Museum of London. Discussion Paper. Museum of London, London.


Kaur, Raminder (2013) Atomic Mumbai: living with the radiance of a thousand suns. Routledge, India. ISBN 9780415655934

Kalra, Virinder S, Kaur, Raminder and Hutnyk, John (2005) Diaspora and Hybridity. Theory, Culture and Society . Sage.

Kaur, Raminder (2005) Performative Politics and the Cultures of Hinduism: Public Uses of Religion in Western India. Anthem South Asian Studies . Anthem Press. ISBN 9781843311393

Edited Book

Kaur, Raminder and Dave-Mukherji, Parul (2014) Arts and aesthetics in a globalising world. ASA Monographs, 51 . Bloomsbury, London. ISBN 9781472519306

Alexander, Claire, Kaur, Raminder and St Louis, Brett, eds. (2014) Mapping changing identities: new directions in uncertain times. Routledge, Oxon. ISBN 9780415726047

Kaur, Raminder and Mazzarella, William, eds. (2009) Censorship in South Asia: Cultural regulation from Sedition to Seduction. Indiana University Press. ISBN 9780253220936

Kaur, Raminder and Sinha, Ajay J, eds. (2005) Bollyworld: Popular Indian cinema through a transnational lens. Sage. ISBN 9780761933212

Kaur, Raminder and Hutnyk, John, eds. (1999) Travel worlds: journeys in contemporary cultural politics. Zed Books, London; New York. ISBN 978-1856495615


Kaur, Raminder (2015) Envisaging strong and single: affirmative solidarity and creative media for women in metropolitan India. HERA.

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