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Hughes, Ed (2011) A Mother Should Be Loved: the musical score. DVD liner notes, BFIB10. pp. 12-13.

Hughes, Ed (2005) Scoring 'Rain': a contemporary British composer's perspective. Joris Ivens Newsmagazine (11). p. 26. ISSN 1568-9131

Book Section

Eldridge, Alice, Hughes, Ed and Kiefer, Chris (2016) Designing dynamic networked scores to enhance the experience of ensemble music making. In: Hoadley, Richard, Fober, Dominique and Nash, Chris (eds.) TENOR 2016: international conference on technologies for music notation & presentation. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, pp. 193-199. ISBN 9780993146114

Hughes, Ed (2016) Silent film, live music and contemporary composition. In: Donnelly, K J and Wallengren, Ann-Kristin (eds.) Today's sounds for yesterday's films. Palgrave studies in audio-visual culture . Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp. 175-191. ISBN 9781137466358

Hughes, Ed, Tearle, K, Rickett, S and Chandler, D (2011) Interview: David Chandler and Katie Tearle with Sophy Rickett and Ed Hughes on 'AUDITORIUM' for Glyndebourne. In: AUDITORIUM. Photoworks, pp. 41-63. ISBN 978-1-903796-23-8

Hughes, Ed (2011) A new score for Yasujiro Ozu's 'I Was Born, But...'. In: ‘Good Morning/I Was Born, But...’ - Liner Notes. BFI, pp. 14-17.

Hughes, Ed (2007) Film Sound, Music and the Art of Silence. In: Losseff, N and Doctor, J (eds.) Silence, Music, Silent Music. Ashgate Publishing Limited, pp. 87-95. ISBN 978-0-7546-5559-6

Hughes, Ed (2007) New technologies and old rites: dissonance between picture and music in readings of Joris Ivens's 'Rain'. In: Powrie, Phil and Stilwell, Robynn (eds.) Composing for the Screen in Germany and the USSR: Cultural Politics and Propaganda. Indiana University Press, pp. 93-105. ISBN 978-0-253-34976-7


Hughes, Ed (2016) Brighton: symphony of a city. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2015) Alice in wonderland. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2015) Night music. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2015) Voyage to the moon. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2015) The nose. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2014) Against that time: three songs to sonnets by Shakespeare. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2013) Chaconne for Jonathan Harvey. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed and Chandler, David (2012) Dark formations. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed and Morris, R (2012) When the flame dies. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2011) I Was Born, But... [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2011) A Mother Should Be Loved. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2010) Chamber Concerto. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2010) A Buried Flame. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2007) Auditorium: for orchestra. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2007) Battleship Potemkin: film score for ensemble. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2007) Strike: film score for ensemble. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2007) Memory of Colour: for ensemble and electronics. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2005) The Birds: opera. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2003) Crimson Flames: for orchestra. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2003) Light Cuts Through Dark Skies. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (2003) The Sibyl of Cumae. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (1999) Sextet. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (1997) Chroma. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (1997) Quartet. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (1996) Sun, New Moon and Women Shouting. [Composition]

Hughes, Ed (1991) Media Vita. [Composition]


Hughes, Ed (2012) Ozu: The Student Comedies. [Image]


Ozu, Yasujiro and Hughes, Ed (2013) The gangster films: three silent films by Yasujiro Ozu. [Video]

Hughes, Ed (2012) Three melodramas. [Video]

Hughes, Ed and Zuza, Aitor Antepara (2007) Battleship Potemkin: A Contemporary Score. [Video]


Hughes, Ed and Morris, Roger (2013) When the flame dies - audio and video recording. [Audio]

Hughes, Ed (2012) Dark Formations: music by Ed Hughes. [Audio]

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