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Graham, Mark, Boyce, Paul, Engebretsen, Elisabeth L, Gonzalez-Polledo, E J, Hendriks, Thomas, Hossain, Adnan, Posocco, Silvia, Riley, Taylor, Renkin, Hadley Z and Tucker, Heather (2015) Anthropologists are talking about queer anthropology. Ethnos, 81 (2). pp. 364-377. ISSN 0014-1844

Boyce, Paul (2014) Desirable rights: same-sex sexual subjectivities, socio-economic transformations, global flows and boundaries – in India and beyond. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 16 (10). pp. 1201-1215. ISSN 1369-1058

Chakrapani, Venkatesan, Boyce, Paul, Newman, Peter A and Kavi, Ashok Row (2013) Contextual influences on condom use among men who have sex with men in India: subjectivities, practices and risks. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 15 (8). pp. 938-951. ISSN 1369-1058

Boyce, Paul and Hajra, Anindya (2011) Do you feel somewhere in light that your body has no existence? Photographic research with men who have sex with men and people of transgender in West Bengal. Visual Communication, 10 (1). pp. 3-24. ISSN 1470-3572

Boyce, Paul and Khanna, Akshay (2011) Right and representations: querying the male-to-male sexual subject in India. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 13 (1). pp. 89-100. ISSN 1369-1058

Drew, Roger, Aggleton, Peter, Boyce, Paul, Chalmers, Helen, Maxwell, Clare, Pachauri, Saroj, Thomas, Felicity, Warwick, Ian and Wood, Kate (2011) Social network analysis to evaluate organisational networks on sexual health and rights. Development in Practice, 21 (8). pp. 1062-1079. ISSN 0961-4524

Boyce, Paul (2008) Truth and (mis)representations: Adrienne Rich, Michel Foucault and sexual subjectivities in India. Sexualities, 11 (1-2). pp. 110-119. ISSN 1363-4607

Boyce, Paul (2007) 'Conceiving kothis': men who have sex with men in India and the cultural subject of HIV prevention. Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness, 26 (2). pp. 175-203. ISSN 0145-9740

Boyce, P, Huang Soo Lee, M, Jenkins, C, Mohamed, S, Overs, C, Paiva, V, Reid, E, Tan, M and Aggleton, P (2007) Putting sexuality (back) in HIV/AIDS: issues, themes and practice. Global Public Health, 2 (1). pp. 1-34. ISSN 1744-1692

Boyce, Paul (2006) Moral ambivalence and irregular practices: contextualizing male-to-male sexualities in Calcutta/India. Feminist Review, 83 (1). pp. 79-98. ISSN 0141-7789

Warwick, Ian, Douglas, Nicola, Aggleton, Peter and Boyce, Paul (2003) Young gay men and HIV/AIDS: towards a contextual understanding of sexual risk. Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning, 3 (3). pp. 215-229. ISSN 1468-1811

Book Section

Boyce, Paul and Dasgupta, Rohit (2017) Utopia or elsewhere: queer modernities in small town West Bengal. In: Kuldova, Tereza and Varghese, Mathew (eds.) Urban utopias: excess and expulsion in neoliberal South Asia. Palgrave studies in urban anthropology . Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783319476223

Boyce, Paul (2013) The object of attention: same-sex sexualities in small town India and the contemporary sexual subject. In: Srivastava, Sanjay (ed.) Sexuality studies. Oxford India studies in contemporary society . Oxford University Press India, New Delhi. ISBN 9780198085577

Boyce, Paul (2012) The ambivalent sexual subject: HIV prevention and male-to-male intimacy in India. In: Aggleton, Peter, Boyce, Paul, Moore, Henrietta L and Parker, Richard (eds.) Understanding global sexualities: new frontiers. Sexuality, culture and health series, 8 . Routledge, Abingdon and New York. ISBN 9780415673471

Boyce, Paul (2007) (Dis)locating men who have sex with men in Calcutta: Subject, space and perception. In: Bhattacharyya, Subhabrata and Bose, Brinda (eds.) The Phobic and the Erotic: The Politics of Sexualities in Contemporary India. Seagull Books, Calcutta. ISBN 9781905422142

Aggleton, Peter, Warwick, Ian and Boyce, Paul (2006) Young people's same-sex relationships, sexual health and well-being. In: Ingham, Roger and Aggleton, Peter (eds.) Promoting Young People’s Sexual Health: International Perspectives. Sexuality, Culture and Health, 3 . Routledge, Abingdon & New York, pp. 98-112. ISBN 9780415374828

Reports and working papers

Dhall, Pawan and Boyce, Paul (2015) Livelihood, exclusion and opportunity: socioeconomic welfare among gender and sexuality non-normative people in India. Project Report. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK.

Coyle, Daniel and Boyce, Paul (2015) Same-sex sexualities, gender variance, economy and livelihood in Nepal: exclusions, subjectivity and development. Project Report. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK.

Boyce, Paul and Coyle, Daniel (2013) Development, discourse and law: transgender and same-sex sexualities in Nepal. Project Report. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK.

Edström, Jerker and Boyce, Paul (2011) Eastern Caribbean Community Action Project (EC-CAP): Evaluation Report. Technical Report. International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Brighton.

Boyce, Paul and Isaacs, Gordon (2011) An Exploratory Study of the Social Contexts, Practices and Risks of Men Who Sell Sex in Southern and Eastern Africa. Technical Report. Oxfam GB, Oxford.

Boyce, Paul, Chakrapani, Venkatesan and Dhanikachalam, D (2011) Hard-to-reach men who have sex with men in India, recommendations for HIV prevention. Technical Report. NACO, New Delhi.

Boyce, Paul, Chakrapani, Venkatesan and Dhanikachalam, D (2011) Sexual Violence against Men who have Sex with Men in India Intersections with HIV. Technical Report. NACO, New Delhi.

Boyce, Paul, Chakrapani, Venkatesan and Dhanikachalam, D (2011) Women Partners of Men who have Sex with Men in India. Technical Report. NACO, New Delhi.

Khan, Shivananda and Boyce, Paul (2005) Assessment of sexual health needs of males who have sex with males in Laos and Thailand - Part Two: A Rapid Needs Assessment. Technical Report. Naz Foundation International, London.

Boyce, Paul, Aggleton, Peter and Malcolm, Anne (2004) Rapid assessment and response adaptation guide on HIV and men who have sex with men. Technical Report. World Health Organization, Geneva.

Boyce, Paul and Pant, Sunil (2001) Rapid Ethnography of Male to Male Sexuality and Sexual Health. Technical Report. Family Health International, Durham, NC.

Edited Book

Boyce, Paul, Gonzalez-Polledo, E J and Posocco, Silvia, eds. (2017) Queering knowledge: analytics, devices and investments after Marilyn Strathern. Theorizing Ethnography: Concept, Context, Critique . Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon. ISBN 9781138230989 (Accepted)

Aggleton, Peter, Boyce, Paul, Moore, Henrietta L and Parker, Richard, eds. (2012) Understanding global sexualities: new frontiers. Sexuality, Culture and Health, 8 . Routledge, Abingdon & New York. ISBN 9780415673471

Edited Special Journal Issue

Boyce, Paul, Engebretsen, Elisabeth L and Posocco, Silvia, eds. (2017) Anthropology’s queer sensibilities. Sexualities. ISSN 1363-4607

Anh, Hoang Tu, Ha, Vu Song, Aggleton, Peter and Boyce, Paul, eds. (2010) Sexuality and health in Vietnam — New directions. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 12 (S1). ISSN 1369-1058

Anh, Hoang Tu, Ha, Vu Song, Aggleton, Peter, Boyce, Paul and Tan, Michael, eds. (2008) Researching sexuality and health in Vietnam. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 10 (S1). ISSN 1369-1058

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