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Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Mansikkamäki, Akseli and Layfield, Richard A (2021) Synthesis, bonding properties and ether activation reactivity of cyclobutadienyl-ligated hybrid uranocenes. Chemical Science, 12 (8). pp. 2948-2954. ISSN 2041-6520

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Mansikkamäki, Akseli and Layfield, Richard A (2020) Uranium(iv) cyclobutadienyl sandwich compounds: synthesis, structure and chemical bonding. Chemical Communications, 56 (6). pp. 944-947. ISSN 1359-7345

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Maron, Laurent, Kilpatrick, Alexander F R, Layfield, Richard A and Cloke, F Geoffrey N (2020) Ethene activation and catalytic hydrogenation by a low-valent uranium pentalene complex. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142 (1). pp. 89-92. ISSN 0002-7863

Guo, Fu-Sheng, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Huang, Guo-Zhang, Tong, Ming-Liang, Mansikkamäki, Akseli and Layfield, Richard A (2019) Isolation of a perfectly linear uranium(II) metallocene. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59 (6). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1433-7851

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Green, Jennifer C and Cloke, F Geoffrey N (2018) Bis(pentalene)dititanium chemistry: C–H, C–X and H–H bond activation. Dalton Transactions, 47 (41). pp. 14531-14539. ISSN 1477-9226

Da Costa, Rosenildo Correa, Rawe, Benjamin W, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Haddow, Mairi F, Sparkes, Hazel A, Tizzard, Graham J, Coles, Simon J and Owen, Gareth R (2018) Preparation and reactivity of rhodium and iridium complexes containing a methylborohydride based unit supported by two 7-azaindolyl heterocycles. Dalton Transactions, 47 (32). pp. 11047-11057. ISSN 1477-9226

Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Cloke, Frederick Geoffrey (2018) Activation of carbon suboxide (C3O2) by U(III) to form a cyclobutane-1,3-dione Ring. Chemical Communications, 54 (64). pp. 8830-8833. ISSN 1359-7345

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Cloke, Geoff, Green, Jennifer, Puschmann, Horst, Roe, Mark and Tizzard, Graham (2018) Trimerisation of carbon suboxide at a di-titanium centre to form a pyrone ring system. Chemical Science, 9 (22). pp. 5008-5014. ISSN 2041-6520

Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Cloke, F Geoffrey N (2018) Mixed sandwich imido complexes of Uranium(V) and Uranium(IV): Synthesis, structure and redox behaviour. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 857. pp. 25-53. ISSN 0022-328X

Kahan, Rachel J, Farnaby, Joy H, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Hitchcock, Peter B, Coles, Martyn P, Roe, S Mark and Wilson, Claire (2018) Sterically encumbered mixed sandwich compounds of uranium(III): synthesis and reactivity with small molecules. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 857. pp. 110-122. ISSN 0022-328X

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Green, Jennifer C and Cloke, F Geoffrey N (2017) C-H and H-H activation at a Di-titanium centre. Chemical Communications, 53. pp. 13117-13120. ISSN 1359-7345

Ocasio, Tony, Sansook, Supojjanee, Jones, Alice Rhiannon, Roberts, Justin, Scott, Thomas, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Coxhead, Peter, Guille, Matthew, Tizzard, Graham J, Coles, Simon J, Hochegger, Helfrid, Bradner, James E and Spencer, John (2017) Pojamide: An HDAC3-selective ferrocene analogue with remarkably enhanced redox-triggered ferrocenium activity in cells. Organometallics, 36 (17). pp. 3276-3283. ISSN 0276-7333

Loukopoulos, Edward, Kallitsakis, Michael, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Abdul-Sada, Alaa, Chilton, Nicholas F, Lykakis, Ioannis N and Kostakis, George N (2017) Cu(II) coordination polymers as vehicles in the A³ coupling. Inorganic Chemistry, 56 (9). pp. 4898-4910. ISSN 0020-1669

Kilpatrick, Alexander, Johnston, David, Green, Jennifer, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Coles, Martyn and Cloke, Geoff (2016) Complexes of Iron(II) with silylated pentalene ligands; building blocks for homo- and heterobimetallics. Polyhedron, 116. pp. 26-37. ISSN 0277-5387

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Kilpatrick, Alexander, Inman, Christopher and Cloke, Frederick Geoffrey (2016) Steric control of redox events in organo-uranium chemistry: synthesis and characterisation of U(V) oxo and nitrido complexes. Chemical Science, 7 (7). pp. 4624-4632. ISSN 2041-6539

Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Danopoulos, Andreas A (2015) Pyridyl- and diphenylphosphinoethyl-functionalised N-heterocyclic carbene platinum methyl complexes. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 775. pp. 178-187. ISSN 0022-328X

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Castro, Ludovic, Kilpatrick, Alexander F R, Cloke, F Geoffey N and Maron, Laurent (2014) Controlling selectivity in the reductive activation of CO2 by mixed sandwich uranium(III) complexes. Chemical Science, 5 (10). pp. 3777-3788. ISSN 2041-6520

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Kilpatrick, Alexander F R, Summerscales, Owen T, Nixon, John F, Cloke, F Geoffrey N and Hitchcock, Peter B (2013) The first example of the two-electron reduction of a phosphaalkyne - Synthesis and structural characterisation of the diuranium(IV) pentalene complex [(U{η<sup>5</sup>-C<inf>5</inf>Me<inf>5</inf>}{η<sup>8</sup>-C <inf>8</inf>H<inf>4</inf>(SiiPr<inf>3</inf>-1,4)<inf>2</inf>}) <inf>2</inf>(μ-η<sup>2</sup>:η<sup>1</sup>-tBuCP)]. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2013 (22-23). pp. 4085-4089. ISSN 1434-1948

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Hamilton, Alex, Haddow, Mairi F, Harvey, Jeremy N, Orpen, A Guy and Owen, Gareth R (2013) Insight into the hydrogen migration processes involved in the formation of metal-borane complexes: importance of the third arm of the scorpionate ligand. Organometallics, 32 (9). pp. 2840-2856. ISSN 0276-7333

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Summerscales, Owen T, Cloke, F Geoffrey N and Roe, S Mark (2013) Steric effects in the reductive coupling of CO by mixed-sandwich uranium(III) complexes. Organometallics, 32 (5). pp. 1353-1362. ISSN 0276-7333

Kilpatrick, Alexander F R, Green, Jennifer C, Cloke, F Geoffrey N and Tsoureas, Nikolaos (2013) Bis(pentalene)di-titanium: a bent double-sandwich complex with a very short Ti–Ti bond. Chemical Communications, 49. pp. 9434-9436. ISSN 1359-7345

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Hope, Rebecca F, Haddow, Mairi F and Owen, Gareth R (2011) Important steric effects resulting from the additional substituent at boron within scorpionate complexes containing κ<sup>3</sup>-NNH coordination modes. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2011 (34). pp. 5233-5241. ISSN 1434-1948

Owen, Gareth R, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Hope, Rebecca F, Kuo, Yu-Ying and Haddow, Mairi F (2011) Synthesis and characterisation of group nine transition metal complexes containing new mesityl and naphthyl based azaindole scorpionate ligands. Dalton Transactions, 40 (22). pp. 5906-5915. ISSN 1477-9226

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Nunn, Joshua, Bevis, Thomas, Haddow, Mairi F, Hamilton, Alex and Owen, Gareth R (2011) Strong agostic-type interactions in ruthenium benzylidene complexes containing 7-azaindole based scorpionate ligands. Dalton Transactions, 40 (4). pp. 951-958. ISSN 1477-9226

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Kuo, Yu-Ying, Haddow, Mairi F and Owen, Gareth R (2011) Double addition of H<inf>2</inf> to transition metal-borane complexes: a “hydride shuttle” process between boron and transition metal centres. Chemical Communications, 47 (1). pp. 484-486. ISSN 1359-7345

Perriman, Adam W, Brogan, Alex P S, Cölfen, Helmut, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Owen, Gareth R and Mann, Stephen (2010) Reversible dioxygen binding in solvent-free liquid myoglobin. Nature Chemistry, 2. pp. 622-626. ISSN 1755-4330

Levason, William, Marshall, Catherine, Ollivere, Luke P, Reid, Gillian, Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Webster, Michael (2010) Synthesis and properties of monometallic, homo- and heterobimetallic complexes based on {(η<sup>6</sup>-arene)RuCl}<sup>+</sup> and {(η<sup>6</sup>-arene)OsCl}<sup>+</sup> fragments with tetrathioether and tetraselenoether ligands. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 695 (17). pp. 2039-2047. ISSN 0022-328X

Owen, Gareth R, Gould, P Hugh, Hamilton, Alex and Tsoureas, Nikolaos (2010) Unexpected pincer-type coordination (κ<sup>3</sup>-SBS) within a zerovalent platinum metallaboratrane complex. Dalton Transactions, 39 (1). pp. 49-52. ISSN 1477-9226

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Bevis, Thomas, Butts, Craig P, Hamilton, Alex and Owen, Gareth R (2009) Further exploring the "sting of the scorpion": hydride migration and subsequent rearrangement of norbornadiene to nortricyclyl on rhodium(i). Organometallics, 28 (17). pp. 5222-5232. ISSN 0276-7333

Levason, William, Ollivere, Luke P, Reid, Gillian, Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Webster, Michael (2009) Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterisation of molybdenum, tungsten and manganese carbonyl complexes of tetrathio- and tetraseleno-ether ligands. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 694 (15). pp. 2299-2308. ISSN 0022-328X

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Haddow, Mairi F, Hamilton, Alex and Owen, Gareth R (2009) A new family of metallaboratrane complexes based on 7-azaindole: B-H activation mediated by carbon monoxide. Chemical Communications, 2009 (18). pp. 2538-2540. ISSN 1359-7345

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Owen, Gareth R, Hamilton, Alex and Orpen, A Guy (2008) Flexible scorpionates for transfer hydrogenation: the first example of their catalytic application. Dalton Transactions, 2008 (43). pp. 6039-6044. ISSN 1477-9226

Fiddy, Steven G, Evans, John, Neisius, Thomas, Newton, Mark A, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Tulloch, Aaran A D and Danopoulos, Andreas A (2007) Comparative experimental and EXAFS studies in the mizoroki-heck reaction with heteroatom-functionalised N-heterocyclic carbene palladium catalysts. Chemistry - A European Journal, 13 (13). pp. 3652-3659. ISSN 0947-6539

Levason, William, Nirwan, Manisha, Ratnani, Raju, Reid, Gillian, Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Webster, Michael (2007) Transition metal complexes with wide-angle dithio-, diseleno- and ditelluroethers: properties and structural systematics. Dalton Transactions, 2007 (4). pp. 439-448. ISSN 1477-9226

Danopoulos, Andreas A, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Macgregor, Stuart A and Smith, Christopher (2007) Phosphine- and pyridine-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene methyl and allyl complexes of palladium. Unexpected regiospecificity of the protonation reaction of the dimethyl complexes. Organometallics, 26 (2). pp. 253-263. ISSN 0276-7333

Evans, John, Levason, William, Manning, Joanna M, Reid, Gillian, Tsoureas, Nikolaos and Webster, Michael (2007) Reversible structural isomerisation in rare thioether complexes of cobalt(ii) - effects of ligand architecture. Dalton Transactions, 2007 (20). pp. 1986-1988. ISSN 1477-9226

Stylianides, Neoklis, Danopoulos, Andreas A and Tsoureas, Nikolaos (2005) <sup>1</sup>Pyridine and phosphine functionalised N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of rhodium and iridium. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 690 (24-25). pp. 5948-5958. ISSN 0022-328X

Danopoulos, Andreas A, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Wright, Joseph A and Light, Mark E (2004) N-heterocyclic pincer dicarbene complexes of iron(II): C-2 and C-5 metalated carbenes on the same metal center. Organometallics, 23 (2). pp. 166-168. ISSN 0276-7333

Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Danopoulos, Andreas A, Tulloch, Arran A D and Light, Mark E (2003) (Diphenylphosphino)alkyl-functionalized nucleophilic carbene complexes of palladium. Organometallics, 22 (23). pp. 4750-4758. ISSN 0276-7333

Danopoulos, Andreas A, Tsoureas, Nikolaos, Green, Jennifer C and Hursthouse, Michael B (2003) Migratory insertion in N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of palladium; an experimental and DFT study. Chemical Communications, 3 (6). pp. 756-757. ISSN 1359-7345

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