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Craig, Elizabeth (2021) The framework convention for the protection of national minorities and internalisation: lessons from the Western Balkans. Review of Central and East European Law, 46 (1). pp. 1-40. ISSN 0925-9880

Craig, Elizabeth (2016) Minority rights, integration and education in the Western Balkans. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 67 (4). pp. 453-471. ISSN 0029-3105

Craig, Elizabeth (2016) Who are the minorities? The role of the right to self-identity within the European minority rights framework. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues, 15 (2). pp. 6-30. ISSN 1617-5247

Craig, Elizabeth (2016) [Review] Eduardo J. Ruiz Vieytez (2014) United in diversity? On cultural diversity, democracy and human rights. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 23 (2). pp. 271-277. ISSN 1385-4879

Craig, Elizabeth (2013) A right to cultural identity in a UK Bill of Rights? European Public Law, 19 (4). pp. 689-714. ISSN 1354-3725

Craig, Elizabeth (2012) From security to justice? The development of a more justice-oriented approach to the realisation of European minority rights standards. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, 30 (1). p. 40. ISSN 0924-0519

Craig, Elizabeth (2010) From soft to hard law? Culture, identity and languages issues within the Northern Ireland Bill of Rights process. Focaal, 2010 (56). pp. 35-48. ISSN 0920-1297

Craig, Elizabeth (2010) The framework convention for the protection of national minorities and the development of a 'generic' approach to the protection of minority rights in Europe? International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 17 (2). pp. 307-325. ISSN 1385-4879

Craig, Elizabeth (2009) The framework convention for the protection of national minorities and the Northern Ireland bill of rights process. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 60 (2). pp. 201-211. ISSN 0029-3105

Craig, Elizabeth (2007) Irish language education and the Council of Europe's minority treaties: the monitoring of developments in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 58 (2). pp. 121-141. ISSN 0029-3105

Craig, Elizabeth (2003) Accommodation of Diversity in Education: A Human Rights Agenda? Child and Family Law Quarterly, 15 (3). pp. 279-294. ISSN 1358-8184

Craig, Elizabeth and Lundy, Laura (2001) Education Rights in the Bill of Rights. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 52. pp. 325-334. ISSN 0029-3105

Book Section

Craig, Elizabeth (2012) Article 12. Cultural Activities and Facilities. In: López, Alba Nogueira, Vieytez, Eduardo J. Ruiz and Libarona, Iñigo Urrutia (eds.) Shaping Language Rights: Commentary on the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Kight of the Committee of Experts’ Evaluation. Regional or Minority Languages (9). Council of Europe, Strasbourg Cedex, pp. 425-443. ISBN 978-92-871-7216-7

Craig, Elizabeth (2005) Commentary on article 12 of the European charter for regional or minority languages. In: Woehrling, Jean-Marie (ed.) The european charter for regional or minority languages: a critical commentary. Council of Europe Publishing, Strasbourg. ISBN 9287155720

Craig, Elizabeth (2003) Education in Northern Ireland: a human rights perspective. In: Alcock, A, Craig, Elizabeth, Cushnahan, J, Hadden, T and Poggeschi, G (eds.) Peace process through constitutional arrangements in Northern Ireland. European Academy, pp. 81-99. ISBN 9788888906027

Bell, Christine and Craig, Elizabeth (2000) Appendix: A Decade of Peace Agreements. In: Peace Agreements and Human Rights. Oxford University Press, pp. 323-374. ISBN 978-0-19-829889-2

Reports and working papers

Craig, Elizabeth, Berry, Stephanie and Taban-McQuade, Isilay (2022) Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues on ‘The Place of the Human Rights of Minorities in the Institutions, Structures and Initiatives of the United Nations’. Discussion Paper. University of Sussex.

NIHRC, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Craig, Elizabeth, Efthymiou, Stratis-Andreas and O'Connell, Ciara (2014) Derry/Londonderry report on upholding the right to human rights to culture in post-conflict societies. Project Report. Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Belfast.


Hadden, Tom and Craig, Elizabeth (2000) Integration and Separation: Rights in Divided Societies. Fortnight Educational Trust.


Craig, Elizabeth, Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira, Ferreira, Nuno, Held, Nina, Millns, Susan, Taggart, Paul, Velluti, Samantha and Walters, Mark (2016) Written submission from the School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex (OEU0007)to the Women and equalities Committee inquiry: ensuring strong equalities legislation after EU exit. Houses of Parliament.

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