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Loveday, J, Christodoulou, L, Norberg, P, Peacock, J A, Baldry, I K, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Brown, M J I, Colless, M, Driver, S P, Holwerda, B W, Hopkins, A M and Kafle, P R (2017) Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): small-scale anisotropic galaxy clustering and the pairwise velocity dispersion of galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 474 (3). pp. 3435-3450. ISSN 0035-8711

Blake, C, Baldry, I K, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Christodoulou, L, Colless, M, Conselice, C, Driver, S P, Hopkins, A M, Liske, J, Loveday, J, Norberg, P, Peacock, J A, Poole, G B and Robotham, A S G (2013) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): improved cosmic growth measurements using multiple tracers of large-scale structure. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 436 (4). pp. 3089-3105. ISSN 0035-8711

Hopkins, A M, Driver, S P, Brough, S, Owers, M S, Bauer, A E, Gunawardhana, M L P, Cluver, M E, Colless, M, Foster, C, Lara-Lopez, M A, Roseboom, I, Sharp, R, Steele, O, Thomas, D, Baldry, I K, Brown, M J I, Liske, J, Norberg, P, Robotham, A S G, Bamford, S, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Drinkwater, M J, Loveday, J, Meyer, M, Peacock, J A, Tuffs, R, Agius, N, Alpaslan, M, Andrae, E, Cameron, E, Cole, S, Ching, J H Y, Christodoulou, L, Conselice, C, Croom, S, Cross, N J G, De Propris, R, Delhaize, J, Dunne, L, Eales, S, Ellis, S, Frenk, C S, Graham, A W, Grootes, M W, Haussler, B, Heymans, C, Hill, D, Hoyle, B, Hudson, M, Jarvis, M, Johansson, J, Jones, D H, van Kampen, E, Kelvin, L, Kuijken, K, Lopez-Sanchez, A, Maddox, S, Madore, B, Maraston, C, McNaught-Roberts, T, Nichol, R C, Oliver, S, Parkinson, H, Penny, S, Phillipps, S, Pimbblet, K A, Ponman, T, Popescu, C C, Prescott, M, Proctor, R, Sadler, E M, Sansom, A E, Seibert, M, Staveley-Smith, L, Sutherland, W, Taylor, E, Van Waerbeke, L, Vazquez-Mata, J A, Warren, S, Wijesinghe, D B, Wild, V and Wilkins, S (2013) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): spectroscopic analysis. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 430 (3). pp. 2047-2066. ISSN 0035-8711

Christodoulou, L, Eminian, C, Loveday, J, Norberg, P, Baldry, I K, Hurley, P D, Driver, S P, Bamford, S P, Hopkins, A M, Liske, J, Peacock, J A, Bland-Hawthorn, J, Brough, S, Cameron, E, Conselice, C J, Croom, S M, Frenk, C S, Gunawardhana, M, Jones, D H, Kelvin, L S, Kuijken, K, Nichol, R C, Parkinson, H, Pimbblet, K A, Popescu, C C, Prescott, M, Robotham, A S G, Sharp, R G, Sutherland, W J, Taylor, E N, Thomas, D, Tuffs, R J, van Kampen, E and Wijesinghe, D (2012) Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): colour- and luminosity-dependent clustering from calibrated photometric redshifts. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 425 (2). pp. 1527-1548. ISSN 1365-2966


Christodoulou, Leonidas (2013) Galaxy clustering using the GAMA survey. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

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