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Hall, Jeremy and Martin, Ben R (2018) Towards a taxonomy of research misconduct: the case of business school research. Research Policy, 48 (2). pp. 414-427. ISSN 0048-7333

Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia, Gold, Stefan and Severino, Liv S (2017) The paradox of sustainable innovation: the ‘Eroom’ effect (Moore’s law backwards). Journal of Cleaner Production, 172. pp. 3487-3497. ISSN 0959-6526

Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stevia and Bachor, Vernon (2017) From green technology development to green innovation: inducing regulatory adoption of pathogen detection technology for sustainable forestry. Small Business Economics, 52 (4). pp. 877-889. ISSN 0921-898X

Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia, Bachor, Vernon and Downey, Robin (2015) Commercializing university research in diverse settings: moving beyond standardized intellectual property management. Research-Technology Management, 57 (5). pp. 26-34. ISSN 0895-6308

Xie, Zongjie, Hall, Jeremy, McCarthy, Ian P, Skitmore, Martin and Shen, Liyin (2015) Standardization efforts: the relationship between knowledge dimensions, search processes and innovation outcomes. Technovation, 48-49. pp. 69-78. ISSN 0166-4972

Mendes, Pietro A. S., Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stevia and Silvestre, Bruno (2014) Reforming Brazil׳s offshore oil and gas safety regulatory framework: lessons from Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. Energy Policy, 74. pp. 443-453. ISSN 0301-4215

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Hall, Jeremy and Wagner, Marcus (2012) Editorial: the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development for entrepreneurship and small business. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 25 (4). pp. 409-416. ISSN 0827-6331

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Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia, Silvestre, Bruno and Martin, Michael (2011) Managing technological and social uncertainties of innovation: the evolution of Brazilian energy and agriculture. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 78 (7). pp. 1147-1157. ISSN 0040-1625

Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia and Silvestre, Bruno (2011) Understanding why firms should invest in sustainable supply chains: a complexity approach. International Journal of Production Research, 50 (5). pp. 1332-1348. ISSN 0020-7543

Hall, Jeremy and Wagner, Marcus (2011) Integrating sustainability into firms' processes: performance effects and the moderating role of business models and innovation. Business Strategy and the Environment, 21 (3). pp. 183-196. ISSN 0964-4733

Silvestre, Bruno, Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia and Figueira, Luiz Augusto (2010) Privatization of electricity distribution in the Northeast of Brazil: the good, the bad, the ugly or the naïve? Energy Policy, 38 (11). pp. 7001-7013. ISSN 0301-4215

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Silvestre, Bruno dos Santos, Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia and Figueira, Luiz Augusto Pereira de Andrade (2009) Privatização: bom ou ruim? Lições do setor de distribuição de energia elétrica do nordeste brasileiro (Privatization: good or bad? Lessons from the electricity distribution sector in the northeast of Brazil). Revista de Administração de Empresas, 50 (1). ISSN 0034-7590

Hall, Jeremy, Matos, Stelvia, Severino, Liv and Beltrao, Napoleao (2009) Brazilian biofuels and social exclusion: established and concentrated ethanol versus emerging and dispersed biodiesel. Journal of Cleaner Production, 17. S77-S85. ISSN 0959-6526

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Langford, Cooper H, Hall, Jeremy, Josty, Peter, Matos, Stelvia and Jacobson, Astrid (2007) Indicators and outcomes of Canadian university research: proxies becoming goals? Research Policy, 35 (10). pp. 1586-1598. ISSN 0048-7333

Chrisman, James J, McMullan, Ed and Hall, Jeremy (2005) The influence of guided preparation on the long-term performance of new ventures. Journal of Business Venturing, 20 (6). pp. 769-791. ISSN 0883-9026

Hall, Jeremy K and Martin, Michael J C (2005) Disruptive technologies, stakeholders and the innovation value‐added chain: a framework for evaluating radical technology development. R&D Management, 35 (3). pp. 273-284. ISSN 0033-6807

Hall, Jeremy and Vredenburg, Harrie (2004) Sustainable development innovation and competitive advantage: implications for business, policy and management education. Innovation: Organization & Management, 6 (2). pp. 129-140. ISSN 1447-9338

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