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Abel, C, Afach, S, Ayres, N J, Ban, G, Bison, G, Bodek, K, Bondar, V, Chanel, E, Chiu, P-J, Crawford, C B, Chowdhuri, Z, Daum, M, Griffith, W C, Musgrave, M, Thorne, J and others, (2020) Optically pumped Cs magnetometers enabling a high-sensitivity search for the neutron electric dipole moment. Physical Review A, 101 (5). a053419. ISSN 1050-2947

Afach, S, Ayres, N J, Baker, C A, Ban, G, Bison, G, Bodek, K, Fertl, M, Franke, B, Geltenbort, P, Green, K, Griffith, W C, van der Grinten, M, Grujić, Z D, Harris, P G, Heil, W, Hélaine, V, Iaydjiev, P, Ivanov, S N, Kasprzak, M, Kermaidic, Y, Kirch, K, Koch, H-C, Komposch, S, Kozela, A, Krempel, J, Lauss, B, Lefort, T, Lemière, Y, Musgrave, M, Naviliat-Cuncic, O, Pendlebury, J M, Piegsa, F M, Pignol, G, Plonka-Spehr, C, Prashanth, P N, Quéméner, G, Rawlik, M, Rebreyend, D, Ries, D, Roccia, S, Rozpedzik, D, Schmidt-Wellenburg, P, Severijns, N, Shiers, D, Thorne, J, Weis, A, Wursten, E, Zejma, J, Zenner, J and Zsigmond, G (2015) Gravitational depolarization of ultracold neutrons: comparison with data. Physical Review D, 92 (5). 052008. ISSN 1550-7998

Conference Proceedings

Abel, C, Ayres, N J, Ban, G, Bison, G, Bodek, K, Bondar, V, Chanel, E, Chiu, P-J, Clement, B, Crawford, C, Daum, M, Emmenegger, S, Griffith, W, Harris, P, Thorne, J and Others, (2019) The n2EDM experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute. PPNS 2018 - International Workshop on Particle Physics at Neutron, Grenoble, France, 23-26 May 2018. Published in: EPJ Web of Conferences 219. 219 a02002 1-8. EDP Sciences ISSN 2100-014X ISBN 9782759890828


Thorne, Jacob Aaron (2018) Electric field optimisation for cryogenic nEDM experiments. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

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