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Hashimoto, Naoko (2018) Refugee resettlement as an alternative to asylum. Refugee Survey Quarterly, 37 (2). pp. 162-186. ISSN 1020-4067

Hashimoto, Naoko (2016) Refugee resettlement: to start a new life in safety and dignity. The Immigration Newsmagazine, 348. ISSN 0914-7942

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Refugee resettlement to Japan and IOM. CDR Quarterly, 8. pp. 85-106. ISSN 2187-7084

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Detention monitoring newly established in Japan. Forced Migration Review, 44. ISSN 1460-9819

Hashimoto, Naoko (2008) Counter trafficking in Japan. Forced Migration Review, 30 (1). pp. 58-60. ISSN 1460-9819

Book Section

Hashimoto, Naoko (2017) Refugee issues in Europe. In: Takizawa, Saburo and yamada, mitsuru (eds.) Introduction to refugee issues [Nanmin o shiru tameno kiso chishiki : seiji to jinken no kattō o koete]. Akashi Shoten, Tokyo, pp. 206-246. ISBN 978-4-7503-4416-4

Hashimoto, Naoko (2014) Mixed migration flow: trafficking-asylum nexus. In: Hakata, Kei, Sugika, Akiko, Ikeda, Jōsuke and Ozawa, Ai (eds.) Nanmin kyōsei idō kenkyū no furontia/New frontiers in refugee and forced migration studies. Seikei daigaku ajia taiheiyō kenkyū sentā sōsho . Gendaijinbunsha/Gendai Jimbun Sha, Tōkyō/Tokyo, pp. 244-262. ISBN 9784877985783

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Situation of the Japanese-Filipino children: comparative studies between JFCs in Japan and those in the Philippines. In: Yoshihara, Kazuo (ed.) Gendai ni okeru hito no kokusai ido: Ajia no naka no nihon/Human mobility in the contemporary world: Japan in Asia. Keio gijuku daigaku higashiajia kenkyujo sosho/Keio Institute of East Asian studies . Keiō Gijuku Daigaku Shuppankai/Keio University Press, Tōkyō/Tokyo, pp. 231-246. ISBN 9784766419290

Hashimoto, Naoko (2012) IOM's Humanitarian Evacuation Assistance Project and choices made by the affected migrants in Japan. In: Komai, Hiroshi and Suzuki, Eriko (eds.) Higashi Nihon daishinsai to gaikokujin ijūshatachi/Great East Japan earthquake and foreign residents in Japan. Imin, diasupora kenkyū/Migrants and diasporas studies (2). Akashi shoten, Tōkyō/Tokyo, pp. 233-243. ISBN 9784750335452

Hashimoto, Naoko (2004) Limitations and possibilities for the coordination of NGOs in complex emergencies. In: Bolesta, Andrzej (ed.) International development and assistance : where politics meets economy. Leon Koźmiński Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, Warsaw. ISBN 9788389437150

Hashimoto, Naoko (2003) The United Nations and internally displaced persons: at the crossroads of human rights and humanitarian affairs. In: Bolesta, Andrzej (ed.) Forced migration and the contemporary world: challenges to the international system. Libra, Białystok. ISBN 9788388463334

Edited Special Journal Issue

Hashimoto, Naoko (2016) How to interpret the concept of the 'membership of a particular social group' according to the principles of international law. Migration Policy Review, 8. ISSN 9784750343488

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