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Hashimoto, Naoko (2019) Why has the government of Japan embarked on refugee resettlement? Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Hashimoto, Naoko (2018) Refugee resettlement as an alternative to asylum. Refugee Survey Quarterly, 37 (2). pp. 162-186. ISSN 1020-4067

Hashimoto, Naoko (2017) Refugee issues in Europe. In: Takizawa, Saburo and yamada, mitsuru (eds.) Introduction to refugee issues [Nanmin o shiru tameno kiso chishiki : seiji to jinken no kattō o koete]. Akashi Shoten, Tokyo, pp. 206-246. ISBN 978-4-7503-4416-4

Hashimoto, Naoko, ed. (2016) How to interpret the concept of the 'membership of a particular social group' according to the principles of international law. Migration Policy Review, 8. ISSN 9784750343488

Hashimoto, Naoko (2016) Refugee resettlement: to start a new life in safety and dignity. The Immigration Newsmagazine, 348. ISSN 0914-7942

Hashimoto, Naoko (2014) Mixed migration flow: trafficking-asylum nexus. In: Hakata, Kei, Sugika, Akiko, Ikeda, Jōsuke and Ozawa, Ai (eds.) Nanmin kyōsei idō kenkyū no furontia/New frontiers in refugee and forced migration studies. Seikei daigaku ajia taiheiyō kenkyū sentā sōsho . Gendaijinbunsha/Gendai Jimbun Sha, Tōkyō/Tokyo, pp. 244-262. ISBN 9784877985783

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Refugee resettlement to Japan and IOM. CDR Quarterly, 8. pp. 85-106. ISSN 2187-7084

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Detention monitoring newly established in Japan. Forced Migration Review, 44. ISSN 1460-9819

Hashimoto, Naoko (2013) Situation of the Japanese-Filipino children: comparative studies between JFCs in Japan and those in the Philippines. In: Yoshihara, Kazuo (ed.) Gendai ni okeru hito no kokusai ido: Ajia no naka no nihon/Human mobility in the contemporary world: Japan in Asia. Keio gijuku daigaku higashiajia kenkyujo sosho/Keio Institute of East Asian studies . Keiō Gijuku Daigaku Shuppankai/Keio University Press, Tōkyō/Tokyo, pp. 231-246. ISBN 9784766419290

Hashimoto, Naoko (2012) IOM's Humanitarian Evacuation Assistance Project and choices made by the affected migrants in Japan. In: Komai, Hiroshi and Suzuki, Eriko (eds.) Higashi Nihon daishinsai to gaikokujin ijūshatachi/Great East Japan earthquake and foreign residents in Japan. Imin, diasupora kenkyū/Migrants and diasporas studies (2). Akashi shoten, Tōkyō/Tokyo, pp. 233-243. ISBN 9784750335452

Hashimoto, Naoko (2008) Counter trafficking in Japan. Forced Migration Review, 30 (1). pp. 58-60. ISSN 1460-9819

Hashimoto, Naoko (2004) Limitations and possibilities for the coordination of NGOs in complex emergencies. In: Bolesta, Andrzej (ed.) International development and assistance : where politics meets economy. Leon Koźmiński Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management, Warsaw. ISBN 9788389437150

Hashimoto, Naoko (2003) The United Nations and internally displaced persons: at the crossroads of human rights and humanitarian affairs. In: Bolesta, Andrzej (ed.) Forced migration and the contemporary world: challenges to the international system. Libra, Białystok. ISBN 9788388463334

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