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Umre, Ashish (2012) Nature inspired adaptive strategies for information sharing: individual vs. social information. In: ASAB (The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) Interdisciplinary Workshop 2012: Physical Cognition & Problem Solving, 27-28 June 2012, University of Birmingham.

Umre, Ashish (2011) Information Foraging Dynamics - Self Organisation in Distributed Systems. In: Fourth International Workshop on Guided Self-Organisation (GSO-2011), University of Hertfordshire, UK.

Umre, Ashish and Wakeman, Ian (2011) Social Foraging Dynamics in Distributed Systems. In: Eighth International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS 2011), New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, USA.

Umre, Ashish (2010) Social foraging and information dissemination in distributed systems. In: International Workshop on Amorphous Computing & Complex Biological Networks, University of Sheffield.

Umre, Ashish and Wakeman, Ian (2005) Economics of Cooperation: Social Foraging in Distributed Systems. Journal of Research on Computing Science: Advances in Artificial Intelligence Theory, 16.

Umre, Ashish (2004) Economics of cooperation: information Foraging in distributed systems. In: Robinson, Jon (ed.) Cognitive Science Research Papers. White House Papers: Graduate Research In Informatics at Sussex, 17 . University of Sussex, Brighton, pp. 53-54.

Umre, Ashish (2003) Cost/benefit of cooperation: information dissemination in distributed systems. In: 2nd International Workshop on the Mathematics and Algorithms of Social Insects, 15-17th December, 2003, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.

Umre, Ashish (2001) Biologically inspired algorithms and techniques in Distributed Systems. In: From Worker to Colony: Understanding the Organisation of Insect Societies, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK.

Umre, Ashish, Wakeman, Ian, Shipman, R and Roadknight, C (2001) Biologically inspired algorithms and techniques in Ad-hoc networks. In: Multi Service Networks Conference, Oxford, UK.

Umre, Ashish (2001) Social Insect Analogies for Distributed Complex Communication Networks. The 15th White House Papers, Graduate Research in Cognitive and Computing Sciences . Unset.

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