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Moran-Ellis, Jo and Tisdall, E Kay M (2019) The relevance of ‘competence’ for enhancing or limiting children’s participation: unpicking conceptual confusion. Global Studies of Childhood, 9 (3). pp. 212-223. ISSN 2043-6106

Suenker, Heinz and Moran-Ellis, Jo (2018) Nuevos estudios de infancia, política de infancia y derechos de los niños y niñas. Sociedad e Infancias, 2. pp. 171-188. ISSN 2531-0720

Moran-Ellis, Jo and Sünker, Heinz (2018) Childhood studies, children’s politics and participation: perspectives for processes of democratisation. International Review of Sociology, 28 (2). pp. 277-297. ISSN 0390-6701

Sarre, Sophie and Moran-Ellis, Jo (2014) Methodological insights from researching temporality in families with teenage children. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 5 (4.1). pp. 666-685. ISSN 1920-7298

Moran-Ellis, Jo (2013) Children as social actors, agency, and social competence: sociological reflections for early childhood. Neue Praxis, 43 (4). pp. 323-338. ISSN 0342-9857

Book Section

Thomson, Rachel and Mcgeeney, Ester (2021) Beobachtung der Beobactheten: technologie, schutz und fursoge an einem tag im leben von Jamine. In: Braches-Chrek, Rita, Rohner, Charlotte, Moran-Ellis, Joanna and Sunker, Heinz (eds.) Handbuch Kindheit, Technik und das Digitale. Opladen & Tornoto: Verlag Barbrar Budrich, Germany, pp. 405-418. ISBN 9783847424901

Moran-Ellis, Joanna and Suenker, Heinz (2020) Social work and childhood in Europe: children’s agency, state relations and realising possibilities through the sociology of childhood. In: Kessl, Fabian, Lorenz, Walter, Otto, Hans-Uwe and White, Susan (eds.) European social work - a compendium. Barbara Budrich Publishers, Opladen/Berlin/Toronto, pp. 319-340. ISBN 9783847401476

Zito, Dima, Moran-Ellis, Jo and Suenker, Heinz (2015) Kindliche Kombattanten als sozial kompetente Akteure? Kindersoldaten, Childhood-Studies und Subjektperspektiven(Child soldiers as socially competent actors? Childhood studies and the perspectives of child soldiers). In: Krüger, Heinz-Herman, Sünker, Heinz and Thole, Werner (eds.) Forschung als Herausforderung: Methodologische Ansprüche und Praxis in Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Projekten. Barbara Budrich, Opladen/Berlin/Toronto, pp. 155-168. ISBN 9783847408215

Suenker, Heinz and Moran-Ellis, Jo (2014) Kinderrechte (Children's Rights). In: Melzer, W, Hermann, D, Sandfuchs, U, Schafer, M, Schubarth, W and Daschner, P (eds.) Handbuch Aggression, Gewalt und Kriminalität bei Kindern und Jugendlichen. UTB, Stuttgart, pp. 347-352. ISBN 9783838585802

Moran-Ellis, Jo (2014) Agency und soziale Kompetenz in früher Kindheit (Agency and social competence in early childhood). In: Braches-Chyrek, Rite, Röhner, Charlotte, Sünker, Heinz and Hopf, Michaela (eds.) Handbuch fur Fruehe Kindheit. Barbara Budrich, Opladen/Berlin/Toronto, pp. 171-184. ISBN 9783847406884

Moran-Ellis, Jo and Suenker, Heinz (2014) Adult trust and children’s democratic participation. In: Warming, Hannah (ed.) Participation, citizenship and trust in children’s lives. Studies in childhood and youth . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 32-51. ISBN 9781349337668

Moran-Ellis, Jo, Bandt, Anna and Sünker, Heinz (2013) Children’s well-being and politics. In: Ben-Arieh, A, Casas, F, Frønes, I and Korbin, J E (eds.) Handbook of Child Well-Being. Springer, pp. 415-435. ISBN 9789048190621

Moran-Ellis, Jo (2012) Sexting, intimacy and criminal acts: translating teenage sextualities. In: Johnson, Paul and Dalton, Derek (eds.) Policing Sex. Routledge, Abingdon & New York, pp. 115-132. ISBN 9780203120736

Cronin, Ann, Alexander, Victoria D, Fielding, Jane, Moran-Ellis, Jo and Thomas, Hilary (2008) The analytic integration of qualitative data sources. In: Alasuutari, Pertti, Bickman, Leonard and Brannen, Julia (eds.) The Sage handbook of social research methods. SAGE Publications, London, pp. 572-584. ISBN 9781412919920

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