The LMTK-family of kinases: emerging important players in cell physiology and pathogenesis

Wendler, Franz, Purice, Teodora-Maria, Simon, Thomas, Stebbing, Justin and Giamas, Georgios (2021) The LMTK-family of kinases: emerging important players in cell physiology and pathogenesis. BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease, 1867 (9). a165372 1-7. ISSN 0925-4439

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Lemur Tail (former tyrosine) Kinases (LMTKs) comprise a novel family of regulated serine/threonine specific kinases with three structurally and evolutionary related members. LMTKs exercise a confusing variety of cytosolic functions in cell signalling and membrane trafficking. Moreover, LMTK2 and LMTK3 also reside in the nucleus where they participate in gene transcription/regulation. As a consequence, LMTKs impact cell proliferation and apoptosis, cell growth and differentiation, as well as cell migration. All these fundamental cell behaviours can turn awry, most prominently during neuropathologies and tumour biogenesis. In cancer cells, LMTK levels are often correlated with poor overall prognosis and therapy outcome, not least owned to acquired drug resistance. In brain tissue, LMTKs are highly expressed and have been linked to neuronal and glia cell differentiation and cell homeostasis. For one member of the LMTK-family (LMTK2) a role in cystic fibrosis has been identified. Due to their role in fundamental cell processes, altered LMTK physiology may also warrant a hitherto unappreciated role in other diseases, and expose them as potential valuable drug targets.

On the backdrop of a compendium of LMTK cell functions, we hypothesize that the primary role of LMTKs may dwell within the endocytic cargo recycling and/or nuclear receptor transport pathways.

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