Novel properties of the mouse P2X7k splice variant

Xu, Xing Jian, Masin, Marianela, Marschall, Viola and Murrell-Lagnado, Ruth (2010) Novel properties of the mouse P2X7k splice variant. Purinergic Signalling, 6 (1S). pp. 55-56. ISSN 1573-9538

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The rodent P2X7k splice variant, which utilizes a different exon 1 and is expressed in both wild type and the Glaxo P2X7−/−mice, has at least a 10-fold greater sensitivity to agonists ATP and BzATP than the full length mouse P2X7a variant, as determined from patch clamp experiments. ThemP2X7k receptor also coupled to the rapid uptake of the cationic dye ethidium, and this process was unaffected by the SNP, P451L, that previously was shown to inhibit mP2X7a receptor-mediated dye uptake. In HEK293 cells, activation of mP2X7k also triggered the uptake of the anionic dye Lucifer yellow, the rate of which was dramatically increased by a 5-min pre-incubation with the pannexin-1 inhibitor, carbenoxolone (CBX) at 37°C. CBX also increased mP2X7k-mediated ethidium uptake but the Ca2+ signal evoked by activation of mP2X7k was unaffected, suggesting that CBX selectively affects ‘large pore’ formation. Themechanismof action of CBX is unclear but the results are not consistentwith pannexin-1 being the dye uptake pathway. P2X7k is expressed in mice spleen T-lymphocytes where NAD is reported to be a physiologically important agonist. In HEK293 cells, 10 uM NAD stimulated mP2X7k-mediated ethidium uptake whereas mP2X7a did not respond to concentrations up to 300 uM NAD. NAD also stimulated a rapid Ca2+ response in HEK293 cells expressing mP2X7k. The coexpression of mP2X7a and mP2X7k in HEK cells reduced the amplitude of the NAD response compared to cells expressing mP2X7k alone. Our results suggest the expression of P2X7k increases the diversity of P2X7 receptor signaling in rodents.

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