Transfer or no transfer: the key role of learning specificity

Berthouze, Luc (2010) Transfer or no transfer: the key role of learning specificity. 10th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics, Örenäs Slott, Sweden, 5-7 November 2010. Published in: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics. 149 Lund University Cognitive Studies ISBN 978919773809

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During development, infants garner knowledge about their environment and their own body through explorative behaviours mediated by changing motilities. A key question regards infants ability to transfer knowledge between these various motilities. There is currently little consensus in the literature. In depth perception studies, for example, Adolph showed that knowledge amassed while sitting does not appear to transfer to crawling, and that information collected during crawling does not transfer to walking. In contrast, Witherington and colleagues reported findings suggesting that there is transfer from crawling to walking. Here, we attempt to reconcile the two findings by suggest- ing, with a simulation, that a key experimental difference could explain the disparity between these studies. The results suggest that an infant lacking transfer between motilities, as suggested by Adolph, can behave in ways consistent with the findings of Witherington and colleagues, and an empirical prediction is derived that could be tested in real experiments. This study highlights the potential importance of learning specificity in development, a concept that could have important implications for developmental robotics.

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