Isolation and characterisation of two oxahomofullerene derivatives of C60F18

Boltalina, Olga V, de La Vaissiere, Benoit, Fowler, Patrick W, Lukonin, Andrei Yu, Abdul-Sada, Ala'a K, Street, Joan M and Taylor, Roger (2000) Isolation and characterisation of two oxahomofullerene derivatives of C60F18. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 2 (11). pp. 2212-2216. ISSN 1472-779X

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From the products of the reaction of [60]fullerene with K2PtF6 under vacuum at 465 degreesC we have isolated two minor isomers of C60F18O, and characterised them by EI mass spectrometry, IR and F-19 NMR spectroscopy. Calculations, the NMR spectra, thermal degradation, and the lack of evidence for the existence of precursors for the formation of epoxides indicate that, like the major isomer recently fully characterised, both are ethers. The results emphasise that oxides of fullerene derivatives may be either epoxides or ethers. Calculations show a correlation between length of the FC-CF bonds and heat of formation of the ethers, reinforcing our previous conclusion that the bond length is a driving force for ether formation. Given this, one can anticipate ether formation in other derivatised fullerenes which possess a long alpha,beta -bond.

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