Functional interactions of meiotic recombination factors Rdh54 and Dmc1

Chi, Peter, Kwon, Youngho, Moses, Dana N, Seong, Changyun, Singh, Akhilesh K, Tsubouchi, Hideo, Greene, Eric C, Klein, Hannah L and Sung, Patrick (2009) Functional interactions of meiotic recombination factors Rdh54 and Dmc1. DNA Repair, 8 (2). pp. 279-284. ISSN 1568-7864

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Genetic studies in budding and fission yeasts have provided evidence that Rdh54. a Swi2/Snf2-like factor, synergizes with the Dmc1 recombinase to mediate inter-homologue recombination during meiosis. Rdh54 associates with Dmc1 in the yeast two-hybrid assay, but whether the Rdh54-Dmc1 interaction is direct and the manner in which these two recombination factors may functionally co-operate to accomplish their biological task have not yet been defined. Here, using purified Schizosaccharomyces pombe proteins, we demonstrate complex formation between Rdh54 and Dmc1 and enhancement of the recombinase activity of Dmc1 by Rdh54. Consistent with published cytological and chromatin immunoprecipitation data that implicate Rdh54 in preventing the non-specific association of Dmc1 with chromatin, we show here that Rdh54 mediates the efficient removal of Dmc1 from dsDNA. These functional attributes of Rdh54 are reliant on its ATPase function. The results presented herein provide valuable information concerning the Rdh54-Dmc1 protein pair that is germane for understanding their role in meiotic recombination. The biochemical systems established in this study should be useful for the continuing dissection of the action mechanism of Rdh54 and Dmc1.

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