Generation of photon number states on demand

Brattke, S, Guthöhrlein, G R, Keller, M, Lange, W, Varcoe, B and Walther, H (2003) Generation of photon number states on demand. Journal of Modern Optics, 50 (6-7). pp. 1103-1113. ISSN 0950-0340

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The widely discussed applications in quantum information and quantum cryptography require radiation sources capable of producing a fixed number of photons. This paper reviews the work performed in our laboratory to produce these fields on demand. Two different methods are discussed. The first is based on the one-atom maser or micromaser operating under the conditions of the so-called trapping states. In this situation the micromaser stabilises to a photon number state. Recently, we also succeeded in determining the Wigner function of a single-photon state. The second device, recently realized in our laboratory, uses a single trapped ion in an optical cavity.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Two methods for generating radiation fields with fixed photon-number are presented. The one-atom maser, operating near trapping states, supports stable photon number states, verified through their Wigner function. The second device uses a single trapped ion in an optical cavity. Contribution: senior researcher / leader of the ion-trapping team.
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