D-Tree Substitution Grammars

Rambow, Owen, Vijay-Shanker, K and Weir, David (2001) D-Tree Substitution Grammars. Computational Linguistics, 27 (1). pp. 87-121. ISSN 0891-2017

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There is considerable interest among computational linguists in lexicalized grammatical frame-works; lexicalized tree adjoining grammar (LTAG) is one widely studied example. In this paper, we investigate how derivations in LTAG can be viewed not as manipulations of trees but as manipulations of tree descriptions. Changing the way the lexicalized formalism is viewed raises questions as to the desirability of certain aspects of the formalism. We present a new formalism, d-tree substitution grammar (DSG). Derivations in DSG involve the composition of d-trees, special kinds of tree descriptions. Trees are read off from derived d-trees. We show how the DSG formalism, which is designed to inherit many of the characterestics of LTAG, can be used to express a variety of linguistic analyses not available in LTAG.

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Additional Information: Originality: This paper introduces a new grammatical formalisms called D-Tree Grammars which has been designed to overcomes a significant number of serious problems associated with the Tree Adjoining Grammars formalism. Rigour: This paper presents a mathematically precise definition of the formalism and associated algorithms. Significance: The D-Tree Grammar formalism that is introduced in this paper has generated considerable interest both in its linguistic properties and in its computational and mathematical properties. In addition it has led to a significantly better understanding of the linguistic implicatioans of the widely studied Tree Adjoining Grammar formalism. Impact: This paper has had a significant influence on researchers looking to extend Tree Adjoining Grammars framework. Total citations in Google Scholar for this paper and its preceding conference paper are 109.
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