Redox behavior of the model catalyst Pd/CeO2-x/Pt(111)

Wilson, E L, Grau-Crespo, R, Pang, C L, Cabailh, G, Chen, Q, Purton, J A, Catlow, C R A, Brown, W A, de Leeuw, N H and Thornton, G (2008) Redox behavior of the model catalyst Pd/CeO2-x/Pt(111). Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (29). pp. 10918-10922. ISSN 1932-7447

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Photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy have been used to investigate how the oxidation state of Ce in CeO2-x(111) ultrathin films is influenced by the presence of Pd nanoparticles. Pd induces an increase in the concentration of Ce3+ cations, which is interpreted as charge transfer from Pd to CeO2-x(111) on the basis of DFT+U calculations. Charge transfer from Pd to Ce4+ is found to be energetically favorable even for individual Pd adatoms. These results have implications for our understanding of the redox behavior of ceria-based model catalyst systems.

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