Colourful objects through animal eyes

Vorobyev, Misha, Marshall, Justin, Osorio, Daniel, Hempel de Ibarra, Natalie and Menzel, Randolf (2001) Colourful objects through animal eyes. Color Research and Application, 26 (S1). pp. 214-217. ISSN 0361-2317

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To understand how bees, birds, and fish may use colour vision for food selection and mate choice, we reconstructed views of biologically important objects taking into account the receptor spectral sensitivities. Reflectance spectra a of flowers, bird plumage, and fish skin were used to calculate receptor quantum catches. The quantum catches were then coded by red, green, and blue of a computer monitor; and powers, birds, and fish were visualized in animal colours. Calculations were performed for different illumination conditions. To simulate colour constancy, we used a von Kries algorithm, i.e., the receptor quantum catches were scaled so that the colour of illumination remained invariant. We show that on land this algorithm compensates reasonably well for changes of object appearance caused by natural changes of illumination, while in water failures of von Kries colour constancy are prominent. (C) 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc

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