The infrared astronomical mission AKARI

Murakami, H, Baba, H, Barthel, P, Oliver, S and et al, (2007) The infrared astronomical mission AKARI. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 59 (S2). S369. ISSN 0004-6264

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AKARI, the first Japanese satellite dedicated to infrared astronomy, was launched on 2006 February 21, and started observations in May of the same year. AKARI has a 68.5 cm cooled telescope, together with two focal-plane instruments, which survey the sky in six wavelength bands from mid–to far-infrared. The instruments also have a capability for imaging and spectroscopy in the wavelength range 2-180μm in the pointed observation mode, occasionally inserted into a continuous survey operation. The in-orbit cryogen lifetime is expected to be one and a half years. The All-Sky Survey will cover more than 90% of the whole sky with a higher spatial resolution and a wider wavelength coverage than that of the previous IRAS all-sky survey. Point-source catalogues of the All-Sky Survey will be released to the astronomical community. Pointed observations will be used for deep surveys of selected sky areas and systematic observations of important astronomical targets. These will become an additional future heritage of this mission.

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Additional Information: D. L. Clements, M. Cohen, Y. Doi, K. Enya, E. Figueredo, N. Fujishiro, H. Fujiwara, M. Fujiwara, P. Garcia-Lario, T. Goto, S. Hasegawa, Y. Hibi, T. Hirao, N. Hiromoto, S. S. Hong, K. Imai, M. Ishigaki, M. Ishiguro, D. Ishihara, Y. Ita, W.-S. Jeong, K. S. Jeong, H. Kaneda, H. Kataza, M. Kawada, T. Kawai, A. Kawamura, M. F. Kessler, D. Kester, T. Kii, D. Chan Kim, W. Kim, H. Kobayashi, B. C. Koo, S. M. Kwon, H. M. Lee, R. Lorente, S. Makiuti, H. Matsuhara, T. Matsumoto, H. Matsuo, S. Matsuura, T. G. Müller, N. Murakami, H. Nagata, T. Nakagawa, T. Naoi, M. Narita, M. Noda, S. H. Oh, A. Ohnishi, Y. Ohyama, Y. Okada, H. Okuda,, T. Onaka, T. Ootsubo, S. Oyabu, S. Pak, Y.-S. Park, C. P. Pearson, M. Rowan-Robinson, T. Saito, I. Sakon, A. Salama, S. Sato, R. S. Savage, S. Serjeant, H. Shibai, M. Shirahata, J. Sohn, T. Suzuki, T. Takagi, H. Takahashi, T. Tanabé, T. T. Takeuchi, S. Takita, M. Thomson, K. Uemizu, M. Ueno, F. Usui, E. Verdugo, T. Wada, L. Wang, T. Watabe, H. Watarai, G. J. White, I. Yamamura, C. Yamauchi, and A. Yasuda
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