Seesaw mechanism in warped geometry

Huber, Stephan J and Shafi, Qaisar (2004) Seesaw mechanism in warped geometry. Physics Letters B, 583 (3-4). pp. 293-303. ISSN 0370-2693

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We show how the seesaw mechanism for neutrino masses can be realized within a five-dimensional (5D) warped geometry framework. Intermediate scale standard model (SM) singlet neutrino masses, needed to explain the atmospheric and solar neutrino oscillations, are shown to be proportional to M-P1 exp((2c - 1)pikR), where c denotes the coefficient of the 5D Dirac mass term for the singlet neutrino which also has a Planck scale Majorana mass localized on the Planck-brane, and kR approximate to 11 in order to resolve the gauge hierarchy problem. The case with a bulk 5D Majorana mass term for the singlet neutrino is briefly discussed.

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Additional Information: I led this collaboration, providing the majority of the conceptual parts and doing the numerical work. The paper demonstrates how the seesaw mechanism for light neutrino masses carries over to warped geometry. Via dualities, this has impact also on 4-dimensional neutrino mass models.
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