Synthesis of aluminium complexes bearing a piperazine-based ligand system

Johnstone, Nick C, Aazam, Elham S, Hitchcock, Peter B and Fulton, J Robin (2010) Synthesis of aluminium complexes bearing a piperazine-based ligand system. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 695 (2). pp. 170-176. ISSN 0022-328X

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Aluminium complexes bearing the N,N-chelating ligand 1,4-bis(2-hydroxy-3,5-di-tert-butyl)piperazine (1) have been synthesised. Both monometallic and bimetallic aluminium methyl complexes (2 and 3, respectively) were prepared by treatment of 1 with the appropriate amount of AlMe3. Complex 2 can be converted to 3 by addition of excess AlMe3. Bimetallic aluminium-ethyl complex 4 was also prepared. Treatment of 1 with AlEt2Cl afforded the monometallic chloride complex 5. Treatment of this latter complex with potassium alkoxides (KOR, R = Me, Et, Pr-i, Bu-t) or AgOTf afforded the corresponding aluminium alkoxide complexes (6, R = Et; 7, R = Me; 8, R = Pr-i; 9, R = Bu-t; 10, R = OTf) in good yields. Aluminium ethoxide complex 6 was also synthesised by treatment of 1 with AlEt2OEt. All of these complexes were tested as potential catalysts in the ring-opening polymerisation of rac-lactide and caprolactone with limited success.

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