Structural characterization of DNA and RNA sequences recognized by the gene 5 protein of bacteriophage fd

Oliver, Antony W and Kneale, G Geoff (1999) Structural characterization of DNA and RNA sequences recognized by the gene 5 protein of bacteriophage fd. Biochemical Journal, 339 (3). pp. 525-531.

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The single-stranded DNA sequence d(GT5G4CT4C) occurs close to the origin of replication within the intergenic region of the viral strand of bacteriophage fd. The RNA analogue of this sequence r(GU5G4CU4C) forms part of the untranslated leader sequence of the gene 2 mRNA and is specifically bound by the fd gene 5 protein in its role as a translational repressor. The structure of these sequences is likely to have an important role in the control of both DNA replication and RNA translation in the phage. We show that this 16 nt sequence, in both a DNA and an RNA context, can exist in a structured and unstructured form as determined by high-resolution gel filtration and non-denaturing gel electrophoresis. The CD spectrum of the structured form is characteristic of parallel guanine tetraplexes. The structured form of the DNA sequence melts at approx. 47 degrees C in the presence of Na+ ions but the structure is stabilized up to 75 degrees C in the presence of K+ ions. The RNA structure is more stable than the equivalent DNA structure (melting temperature approx. 62 degrees C), and its stability is further enhanced in the presence of K+ ions. Two of the central guanine residues are fully protected from cleavage as determined by dimethyl sulphate protection experiments, whereas methylation interference studies show that methylation of any of the four central guanine residues inhibits structure formation. Our results demonstrate that the structured form of the nucleic acid is mediated through the formation of a guanine-tetraplex core region, in RNA this might be further stabilized by the presence of weaker uracil quartets.

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