Phospha(III)guanidinate complexes of titanium(IV) and zirconium(IV) aminides

Mansfield, Natalie E, Grundy, Joanna, Coles, Martyn )P and Hitchcock, Peter B (2010) Phospha(III)guanidinate complexes of titanium(IV) and zirconium(IV) aminides. Polyhedron, 29 (12). ISSN 0277-5387

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Two procedures for the synthesis of group 4 phosphaguanidine compounds M(R2PC{NR'}(2))(NR ''(2))(3) (M = Ti, Zr: R = Ph, Cy; R' = 'Pr, Cy: R '' = Me, Et) are described. Spectroscopic characterization indicated symmetrical bonding of the phosphaguanidinate ligand in solution for the P-diphenyl derivatives whereas the P-dicyclohexyl analogs adopt a more rigid geometry with inequivalent N-amidine substituents within the phosphaguanidinate ligand. X-ray diffraction studies show exclusively monomeric tbp metal centers for a series of derivatives, with a chelating hosphaguanidinate ligand that spans an axial and an equatorial position. Two different conformers have been identified in the solid-state that differ in the relative orientation of the phosphorus R2P-C substituents with respect to the equatorial plane of the tbp metal. The synthetic protocol was extended to the bimetallic complex, [PhP(C{(NIPr)-I-i)(2)Ti{NMe2)(3))CH2-](2), which was characterized by crystallography as the meso-form.

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